7th c

Early Parthian bronze brooch, dating to around 500 - 200 B.C.

Originating in Cyprus, the arm fibula style spread to Assyria and Persia in the 7th century B.C. where it remained popular for over half a millennia.
Custom mounted and fantastically well preserved, this wonderful artefact has a poise and presence not often encountered in small ornamented jewelry.

Jar containing human remains from Hellenistic period found in southwestern Turkey

Construction workers in southwestern Turkey have discovered an ancient jar containing burnt human remains, thought to be from the Hellenistic period, reports said on Monday.Teams from the Milas Museum in Muğla province started excavations at the construction site located on İsmet Paşa district after the discovery of ancient ruins.They found the 40 centimeter jar two meters below the surface. It is thought to have been used as a sepulcher and was reportedly brought to Milas Archaeology Museum for examination.

Milas, similar to many other western regions in the western Turkey, is an ancient city dating back to thousands of years.The city’s earliest historical mention is at the beginning of the 7th century B.C., when a Carianleader from Mylasa by name Arselis is recorded to have helped Gyges of Lydia in his contest for the Lydian throne.Turkey is home to countless numbers of ancient sites from ancient civilizations and Milas alone contains a total of 27 archaeological sites.

Brigadier General Sterling Alexander Martin Wood and staff, C.S.A.

– Before his appointment to brigadier general, Wood had been a colonel of the 7th Alabama Infantry, C. S. A. Wood is seated on the right in the front row.

Commonly referred to as S.A.M. Wood, was an American lawyer and newspaper editor from Alabama. He served as a Confederate general during the American Civil War until 1863, and resumed practicing law, served as a state legislator, and later taught law.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S._A._M._Wood Photo: Credit Alabama Pioneers

U.S. Army Green Berets from the 7th Special Forces Group jump out of a C-130H3 Hercules for Emerald Warrior at Hurlburt Field, Fla., April 22, 2015. Emerald Warrior is the Department of Defense’s only irregular warfare exercise, allowing joint and combined partners to train together and prepare for real-world contingency operations.

U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Joshua J. Garcia /Released

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I prefer when they use younge Hoechlin. - I hate when they use clips/screencaps from 7th Heaven. Mainly b/c while his character started out sweet, he turned into a huge douchebag.

Lol, I didn’t watch when he was on so it’s just all pics of him holding babies and having terrible hair.

Starkid Gif Challenge #7

I’m gonna do this and then study omg

the 1st gif in your folder is how you feel right now:

Sassy and adorable? Yes c:

the 7th gif in your folder is how you felt this morning:


the 30th gif in your folder is how you will feel ten minutes from now:


the 25th gif in your folder is how you will feel 10 days from now:

Smooth as fuck yyyyaaasssss

the 12th gif in your folder is how you will live 10 years from now:

At least I’m wearing a tie…

the 3rd gif in your folder is how the same sex sees you:


the 20th gif in your folder is how the opposite sex sees you:

*hair swish* Of course I did.

the 2nd gif in your folder is what you will dream about tonight:

Aww AJ c:

the 10th gif in your folder is how your children will act:


the 15th gif in your folder is what your parents thought when you were born:


the 13th gif in your folder is how you will act at your wedding:

if it’s not joey richter i’m marrying what who said that

the last gif in your folder is how people will feel at your funeral: