7th april 2013

CM Punk Vs. The Undertaker
[April 7th, 2013]

The Undertaker is a man who’s never been cited as “emotional” by any means. However, the weeks leading into WrestleMania 29 were perhaps some of the roughest on “The Deadman”, given the passing of his former longtime manager, Paul Bearer. Fresh off of the loss of his 434-day championship reign, CM Punk had a chip on his shoulder, and needed to prove that his greatness still remained intact. With that said, Punk would focus his efforts on ending the WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker in order to “take something away from the fans”, seeing as he blamed the WWE Universe for his championship loss to The Rock at the Royal Rumble pay per view.

While The Undertaker is someone who’s dealt heavily in both physical accounts and mind games, the ante was upped by CM Punk, who attacked The Undertaker during a ceremony that was held in remembrance of the late Paul Bearer. Punk made it a point to humiliate The Undertaker, stealing his signature urn and attacking him during the ceremony. After a brawl between the two, Punk held the urn over the Deadman and dumped the ashes that the urn contained onto The Undertaker, showing a complete lack of respect for both Taker and the late Bearer.

When the two forces finally clashed at WrestleMania 29, the game had been set. The Undertaker, hellbent on revenge, and CM Punk, who not only had something to prove, but who also had to survive. The two men battled through attempted submissions, repeated strikes to the head by both fists and feet, a shot to the head by Punk with the urn, and culminated in a Tombstone Piledriver. The Undertaker defeated CM Punk, bringing his WrestleMania record to 21-0. Following the match, The Undertaker regained the urn, and saluted his fallen manager.

Am I the only one who isn’t ‘excited’ that Attack on Titan season two got announced for 2017? I mean, come on. The first episode of season one aired April 7th, 2013, and the final episode aired September 29th 2013. That’s a difference of four years. 

When season one came out, for those who are new, or haven’t been here very long, the fandom exploded in popularity. Pairings took off, people found friends, and it was just…really cool. It’s where I found fanfiction, and pairings, and what really got me into writing in the first place. 

And now, four years later…the fandom is a shadow of what it used to be. A lot of people have left, been disinterested, or found other fandoms. Now, that in itself is totally fine, but a large chunk of the people who aren’t interested anymore left because there was no new material. 

I know the manga is still being updated, thank you Hajimama, but many people didn’t read the manga, and came to love the fandom purely based off the anime. And with how popular the anime became upon release…I am really upset that it took four fucking years to come out with a second season.


CM Punk meets Bruno Sammartino
[April 7th, 2013]

The longest-reigning WWE Champion of-all time was Bruno Sammartino, only the second man to hold the title and beginning a reign that clocked in at 2,803. In 2011, CM Punk began a reign that would last throughout the year, through 2012, and would end only months before this photo was taken, at 435 days. Punk’s reign has been cited as “the longest of the modern era”, but Punk argues that he’s the champion who successfully defended the title more than any other champion before him, which may very well be true. In 2013, the two long-reigning champions met face to face, and Bruno endorsed Punk with some strong words:

Me and CM PUNK at the party after Wrestlemania 29. I will teach you some old school moves for showing respect. If you preach a drug free message and anti-bullying, here is my hand.

I’ve had this tattoo a few weeks now, but the reason I got is because aaron pauley saved my life on 7th April 2013 and I’m almost a year self harm clean because of this man! I stopped self harming April 22nd 2013 just because aaron said he believed in me, he helped me come out of the darkness and helped me find the light. And now on 22nd April 2014 I will be meeting aaron which then I will be one whole year clean, but having this tattoo have saved my life this week, because my mum’s been in hospital, when I felt like giving up I looked at it and picked myself up again. To me om&m isn’t just a band they saved my life and they believed in me! And I couldn’t be anymore thankful. This tattoo has helped me so much this week I seen it on my wrist as I was about to take blade then I remembered. Tattoos can save life’s just like bands.

aspacelobster  asked:


Hypothesis: From October 2012 to June 2014 the overall number of science posts on biologizeable.tumblr.com has decreased, while the overall number of definitely not science posts has increased. (Null: science has not decreased, and not-science has)


Basic, preliminary quantitative analysis of blog content using four (4) sample points.


October 2012 (1st month of total blog life)

Total posts: 8
Actual Science: 0
Pictures of animals/science jokes: 4
Definitely not science: 4

Assessment: Science joke/animal pictures/not science blog.

April 2013 (7th month & 1/3 of total blog life)

Total posts: 12
Actual Science: ~1
Pictures of animals/science jokes: ~6
Definitely not science: ~5

Assessment: Animal pictures and science jokes blog.

November 2013 (14th month & 2/3 of total blog life)

Total posts: 190
Actual Science posts: ~26
Pictures of animals/science jokes: ~106
Definitely not science: ~58

Assessment: Animal pictures and science jokes blog.

April 2014 (19th month & ~3/3 of total blog life*)

Total posts: 757
Actual Science: ~66
Pictures of animals/science jokes: ~633
Definitely not science: ~31

Assessment: Animal pictures and science jokes blog.

*June was excluded as it was incomplete, and May contained an anomaly that disqualified it from being termed an accurate representation

Conclusions & Discussion:

As this preliminary assessment of biologizeable.tumblr.com shows, this blog has, in fact, never been a science blog. Contrary to both positive and null hypotheses, the blog has maintained a status of ‘science jokes and animal pictures’ since its founding in late 2012. It is suggested, however, that further and more in-depth studies are implemented to collect data on correlations of follower count, activity, changes in blogs followed by user biologizeable, and life situation to the differences in items posted. 

Works referenced:

Biologizeable, Sophie (2012-2014), “Let’s biologize this coprolite” www.tumblr.com

Math, Basic (???), “Addition a 6-year-old could do” in Basic Life Skills Vol. 1 pp. 1-20

hey guys, I just need to rant so here we go;
  • I was together with a boy for like 2 years. Well.. We weren't really together. 7th April 2013 we started our relationship but a half year later we broke up cause we were arguing too much. But we loved each other too much to let go. We kept seeing each other and we kept doing things you do when ur in a relationship. But the problem was, we only had more arguments and I got depressed. He was very sweet (most of the time) and I never loved someone that much. I know I wasnt always easy to handle but I did everything to keep him happy and I lost all my good friends. The argues we had were about little stupid things but we made a big deal out of it and sometimes we didn't spoke to each other for days. He let me feel bad about myself. I had suicidecal thoughts and he made fun of it. After a while, I lost myself. And after that all, I still begged him to stay with me (because I really really really loved him). Last week, we were going to a friend's house and on our way to him we were arguing, standing on train tracks, and he told me I should go lay on them. The next day, he apologized and I forgave him... 2 days later I went to his house after school and I bought some food for us and I wanted to snuggle with him under the blanked and watch a movie to have a nice time and to forget the thing that happened before. But when I walked in his room, he was kinda grumpy and after 20 minutes I wanted to go home cause I knew it wasn't going to be what I expected. But when I wanted to leave, he got mad and we started to argue again. He hit me and I started to cry. He didn't even cared bout that, called me a slut and he basically kicked me out of his house. 3 days later we started talking again and I missed him so much, even after all what happened. We agreed to spent that Friday night together and cuddle and just have a nice time. But a few hours later he wanted to go to the party of my old best friend without me. He said "it's the only chance I get to hang out with all my friends at the same time". I got mad and said "if you go, we're done." He didn't care and he went to the party.
  • After all he did to me, I still want him back.. But I don't want him to treat me like I'm his bitch. I want him to treat me like a princess like he did the first few months of our relationship..
  • He is following me on tumblr so when he reads this, I know he's gonna be really mad at me but i don't care. Okay I do but I want him to realize what he did to me and I still have a little bit hope that he can be that old sweetheart from 2 years ago..