7th anniversary fanmeeting

[TRANSLATION] 150921 IU’s AZ Talk update

7th Anniversary Fanmeeting! Uaena are my 7gu (chingu/friends). Uaena-ya let’s stay 7hage (close) to one another.
Let’s hope this 88kkeulheun (boiling) feelings don’t cool down until 8th anniversary! Thank you heh

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[LOEN] IU Debut 7th Anniversary Fanmeeting [2015 IU Awards]

This is LOEN TREE.
This coming 18th September will be IU’s 7th debut anniversary ^^
Having created precious memories with her fans over the years, on 20th September, IU will be holding her Debut 7th Anniversary Fanmeeting [2015 IU Awards]. Uaenas, please look forward to it.

[IU Debut 7th Anniversary Fanmeeting]

2015 IU Awards
2015.09.20 Sun 16:00PM
Ehwa Womens University Samsung Hall

*Ticketing information and price will follow in a subsequent announcement.

Thank you.

Translated by squishy with love


Someday- Super Junior @ 7th Anniversary Fanmeeting- 121020 슈퍼주니어 데뷔 7주년 파티 - 언젠가는 (ver.예성) (by ys9rmine)

This song is beautiful and they are just perfect! My angels… Wae? I just feel like crying recently everytime I see them together… thinking that it’s the last time in who knows how many years they’’ll be together like this. Oh, and Leeteuk oppa singing Wookie’s last line is just so emotional… Hwaiting Leeteuk oppa!^^


140730 All About Super Junior ‘TREASURE WITHIN US’ - SJ 7th Anniversary Fanmeet ‘Paper Passing Game’.


[Fancam] 150920 IU Debut 7th Anniversary Fanmeeting - 23
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