7th Letter


7th September 1822, shore of the Ipiranga River. He reunited with his guard and declared: “Friends, the Portuguese Cortes want to enslave and pursue us. From today on our relations are broken. No ties can unite us anymore”. He pulled out the blue-white insignia from his hat that symbolized Portugal, saying: “Ties off, soldiers! Hail to the independence, to freedom and to the separation of Brazil from Portugal!” After, unsheathed his sword, accompanied by his soldiers and swear: “For my blood, my honor, my God, I swear to give Brazil freedom.” On the same ocassion, according to priest Belchior, he cried that Brazil motto would be: “Independence or death!(Isabel Lustosa, Dom Pedro I)


The BF’s good friend released a limited edition Print/Zine combo with this great Detroit-based print company called 1xRun. I managed to get my hands on one before the 100 sold out, and am super excited to receive it! One of their combo pieces is featured in the Zine as well. Can’t wait to see the rest of what’s inside the book!