some of my favourite tøp interviews/videos

Twenty One Pilots Have a Live Drum Battle: spoiler: it’s not actually a drum battle. josh drums on a chair with coat hangers and tyler throws them everywhere. 

Never Have I Ever: josh admits that as a kid he thought eating ants would impress girls

20 questions with twenty one pilots: tyler wants brad pitt to play him in a movie of his life - part 2 

This Or That: josh once again confirms that aliens are real

David McCreary’s Personal Space with Twenty | One | Pilots: twenty one pilots is tyler and todd

Magic with David McCreary and Tyler Joseph: ok this is just tyler but it’s so funny - and he plays kazoo 

twenty one pilots: Introduction Video: origin of josh’s tumblr url 

Interview On The Edge: this interviewer is so cringe that i doubt it’s serious

Twenty One Pilots Interview w/ The Morning Mess“ever since our songs got on the radio we’ve been able to shower every day” 

The Woody Show: half an hour of fun tbh

twenty one pilots: Down On The Farm: tyler and josh are cool with hogs

Red Bull Sound Space KROQ: they play what is also called “the newlywed game”

Stryker interviews twenty one pilots: josh liked Whiplash 

YOURS.tv interview: they feed each other and tap on each other’s phones

A Stupid Montage of Tyler and Josh: fanmade and i think i lost count of how many times I’ve watched this

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Twenty One Pilots: these videos are very important - part two 

#7of30: Festival Edition: they admit to stealing a mini fridge

Would You Rather? “nipple sized penis or penis sized nipples?” *tyler starts laughing*

bus invaders: they have the fridge of a six year old

backstage with twenty one pilots: “I love bus.”  

7 Acoustic Covers: eargasm guaranteed 

UG Studios session “Addict With A Pen”: lol gl trying not to cry