May Sweeps Scorecard 2017: Deaths, Breakups, Weddings, Firings, Sex, Resurrections, Time Jumps and More!
A lot of people consider it spring as soon as the snow starts to melt and a flower or two blooms. But — and we hardly need to tell you this! — we TV fanatics are a breed apart. To us, it isn’…
By Michael Ausiello
  • Number of characters giving birth: 1
  • Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 6
  • Number of new pregnancies: 1
  • Number of weddings: 1
  • Number of couples reuniting: 7
  • Number of fatalities: 11
  • Number of breakups/divorces: 5
  • Number of possible fatalities*: 5
    • * Applies to characters whose fate is left up in the air at the end of the season finale 
  • Number of characters leaving town: 8
  • Number of resurrections and/or big returns: 6
  • Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: 11
  • Number of engagements/question poppings: 2
  • Number of time warps/jump: 2
  • Number of nuclear disasters: 1     
TMNT Masterlist

I’m hoping this post works likes it’s supposed too, this is my first masterlist.

The only thing not included are the letters. Everything under the cut.

Anything with a $ contains NSFW content.

Stories in bold are ones completed everything else is whats coming soon.

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Executive Style. Executive Hair. Executive Goth.

A couple months back, a few critters questioned how many different hairstyles Taliesin has had over the course of the show. Well… Here’s your answer. With pictures, of course. Updated through episode 59.

  • Number of hairstyles since Critical Role started: 13
  • Number of unique colors since Critical Role started: 7
  • Number of photos in this gallery: 67
  • Amount of time we spent debating what constitutes a new hair style: Not on your life.

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 So do you know the categories… here they are


UPDATE with the other categories:

Research Time

Number of Gay and Lesbian Characters in Earth 616: 99

Number of Bisexual Characters in Earth 616: 22 (of which 5 are bisexual men)

Number of Transgender Characters in Earth 616: 7

Number of Pansexual Characters in Earth 616: 2

Number of Asexual Characters in Earth 616: 0

Number of Heterosexual Characters in Earth 616: 19315