all vegetarians, some vegans and people who bleed regularly: take iron

you think you’re just kinda tired lately, you think its the late nights, the hard work, the stress, the parties, jet lag whatever. But have you been taking iron? No, because you forgot about iron and now you’re constantly and mildly anaemic. 

How much iron do I need?
The amount of iron you need is:
8.7mg a day for people with no periods
14.8mg a day for people with blood everywhere

Vegetarians are the worst for no iron, if you’re both vegetarian and bleed regularly and you’re not taking iron I’m surprised you have enough energy to hold your head up to read this. 

NHS Women cut tiredness by half.  Veggies and how anaemic they are

PSA brought to you by someone who FORGOT ABOUT IRON and has been really fucking tired for like 8 months now and only sorted out why last week jfc

Why do my nails curve?

One possible cause of curving or “spoon” shaped nails is Anaemia. Anaemia is a form of Iron deficiency in which there is not enough Iron in the body to produce sufficient red blood cells to perfuse the body with the requisite oxygen- this most often happens because there is not enough intake from diet. 

Red meats and dark green vegetables for example are common sources of Iron. Liver (bleh) is also very high in Iron though be warned it is also high in cholesterol, also nuts and dried fruit (yay) are good sources. 

According to the NHS (that darned free health service the Brits get) the average requirement for Iron is 8.7mg for men and 14.8mg for women, per day.  For a woman that would mean you would have to eat more than half a kilogram of spinach per day! Now we know why Popeye loved spinach so much!