Lunch is hot. Killing my … omfg.. and i got so engaged in canned sauce on Saturday that I completely forgot to post my Meal prep for this week!!!!!!!!

Sweet Potato Marinara With Ricotta

Macros: 305cals, 47.5g C, 6.6g F, 13.6g P, 547.3mg Na, 932.7mg K

In each Tupperware dish, put:

- 150g of boiled sweet potato

- ¼ cup strained Garbonzo Beans (Chick Peas)

- ½ cup of my whole, clean Italian spaghetti sauce (see 2 days ago post for recipe)

- ¼ cup skin milk ricotta

- Crushed red peppers to taste

Cover and freeze. Ready for 5am wake up call. Just needs a microwave. Simple. Cheap. Easy.