College with Tom Would Include...

tbh i’ve never done one of these before but i think about this a lot soooo like

  • if you’re both in the same major y’all both take at least 1 class together per semester
  • if you’re both in different majors y’all both take at least 1 general requirement class together
  • he’d be that boyfriend that motivates you to study 24/7
  • like you guys would playfully compete with each other for who has the best grades and who can get the higher GPA each semester
  • but at the same time not playfully because you live to kick his ass in any way u can & that includes academically
  • imagine him just dressed all nice and casual when u guys get together to study and WEARING THESE GLASSES
  • sometimes he’ll wait for u outside of your class, or vice versa but u always take candids of each other before the other person notices :)
  • in whatever class(es) u did have have together he’d always find some way to make the professor love him (not enough to slide him an easy A though)
  • more often than not you’d bet that they wouldn’t like him but he’d always win and you knew he would u just liked seeing that triumphant smile on his face sometimes and hearing him say “darling, you of all people should know how irresistible i am,” with that smug, sassy tone
  • if you’ve had a particularly awful day filled with tests or insanely long lectures he’ll take you out for ice cream or coffee in the evening to take your mind off of things
  • you both hit up the campus gym every so often, schedules permitting, to work out together bc working out alone’s boring
  • maybe tom’s on the boxing team and maybe u watch him train every so often with those goddamn muscles
  • every time he feels your gaze he always shows off just a little bit or does something extra so u get a bit worked up ;) ;) ;)
  • every other weekend he makes a point of taking you to some new quaint & lowkey brunch place in the city
  • spontaneous adventures in the city would always be grand, like checking out a new museum or going to a local food fest or something
  • y’all could literally be doing anything and just the fact that you’re experiencing it with tom would make ur heart swell up in a good way bc he always has such a positive outlook on life
  • late night or early morning walks on campus!! maybe watch a sunrise or sunset from the roof of one the academic buildings
  • annoying each of your roommates by hanging out all the time in each other’s rooms
  • eventually being booted out of your dorm rooms bc either your roommate(s) or tom’s would get sick of your cutesy shit
  • all ur pals think the two of you are disgustingly cute but are lowkey jealous of the relationship u & tom have

this is really shitty im sorry lol

Valdangelo Headcanons

Making this because I love all of you who helped me get to about 100 followers!

Also I’m Valdangelo trash.


  • they got together after about - oh I dunno - TEN THOUSAND CENTURIES
  • jk just about seven years
  • they’re huge nerds
  • they play mythomagic together and go against each other in video games - especially in overwatch
  • and they talk about superheroes - 90% of the time about who would win: batman vs iron man
  • its so cute, and everyone teases them about it
  • don’t forget how they’re small and scrawny
  • you’ll just see lil’ leo sleepin in nico’s lap while nico looks like he’s cuddling a teddy bear and you’ll start squealing
  • but they’re also REALLY scary
  • like, oh ma gawd, you piss em off, it’s like awakening Satan from his eternal slumber
  • fucking hell will reign down and all you can do is run
  • nico can control the dead and literally becomes shadows and leo can summon fire and his intellect is smarter than most grown-ups - the tag team that can fucking murder you
  • gay and bi jokes
  • bi, nico!” “nice to see you togay too, valdez”
  • they listen to emo music 24/7
  • like nico’s always hearing My Chemical Romance and Leo is in love with Fall Out Boy
  • but they are little when compared to the best - Panic! at the Disco
  • oh and they also watch some strange shit
  • not that kind of strange shit - get your mind outta the gutter - I’m talking about mystery/creepy/horror shit
  • like they are legit pining for destiel
  • also they are IN LOVE WITH VOLTRON
  • most of the camp make jokes about how klance is the upgraded version of them and theyre like “wait? we’re a tv trope now???”
  • they love dancing and singing together
  • like at the campfire nico is strumming the guitar and singing ed sheeran songs while leo is dancing like a fucking god and it’s beautiful
  • death jokes
  • lots of unhealthy death jokes
  • “nico, you look like death.” “I AM DEATH”
  • “leo, if you go in there, you’ll die!” “eh, been there, done that”
  • they usually make art together - leo with machines and nico with painting/sketches
  • everyone’s so jelly of their skills because that is not humanly possible wtf
  • nico gets along with hephaestus well because theyre both lonely souls and kinda understand each other
  • leo at first yells at hades because “WHY THE FUCK HAVE YOU NEVER HELPED YOUR SON YOU UNGRATEFUL-” 
  • and hades immediately likes him because leo really loves nico and wants to protect him and he’s a feisty little child
  • so he‘s chill with them
  • plus leo makes a lot of puns that nico hates and hades LOVES puns so…
  • persephone takes a lot of liking to leo
  • one time she kidnapped him for a kind of bonding time and nico got so jelly he went down to the underworld and kidnapped leo back
  • sadly leo refused to take off his flower crown
  • nico’s the dominant one in the relationship
  • no comment
  • they both protect hazel with their FUCKING LIVES; you mess with her you be dealing with two badass gremlins
  • but lets move to some angsty shit
  • they talk about everything together - what projects leo’s doing, what happened on a quest nico was given from his dad, so and so
  • they never keep a secret from each other
  • but from time to time bad memories come up and they talk to each other about it
  • dreams, Maria and Bianca, Esperanza, their times in Tartarus (WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF LEO SACRIFICED HIMSELF AND ENDED UP IN TARTARUS FUCK ME UP HOLY SHIT), and everything that has affected them during their horrible lives
  • they cry a lot but mostly just when they let it all out to each other
  • they hug and kiss and maybe have some comfort sex to help each other feel better
  • it’s really sweet
  • the two of them try their best to support one another
  • they whisper sweet nothings to each at night, know when to give each other some space, after they fight they both try to apologize no matter who was at fault, but they mostly just talk about…everything
  • and after several years of being together, nico proposes to leo on the mast of the former Argo ||, the ship that brought them together
  • no pun intended

So, here are my Valdangelo headcanons.

Thank you! I love you all!

Dating Wanda Maximoff would include:

Anon ask: can you do dating wanda maximoff ? i love your work matt 

Warning: Mention of Sex

(A/N): First of all , I’m glad you like my work love , and second, Finally! someone asks for Wanda omg I was waiting for this . Also pietro is not dead on this okay? HE’S ALIVE ON THIS I CAN’T KILL THAT CUTE PUPPY

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  • being each other anchor
  • trusting each other to death
  • so damn clingy
  • she will always want to be near you
  • holding hands 24/7
  • forehead kisses
  • so damn kisses
  • surprised hugs
  • neck kisses
  • she loves when you grab her by the waist
  • Slow passionate kisses
  • forget about oxygen you would not want to stop kissing her
  • she’s a lost puppy without you
  • like literally
  • she will be so sad if you’re not around
  • she will tackle you with a hug when you come back from the mission
  • heart eyes emoji 24/7
  • like seriously, Pietro would find her just looking at you with that sick loving face
  • He think it’s disgustingly cute

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Lance is damn reletable


  • finger guns
  • smirking 24/7
  • likes rain and sunsets
  • (I’ve had this very embarassing mermaid phase in elementary school so I guess there’s also that……..)
  • competitive lil shit
  • acts overconfident all the time despite having p bad self-esteem and thinking that other people consider him annoying and useless, or sth
  • water! swimming!! ayyy hell yea
  • jokes and memes
  • often says dumb things w/out thinking
  • does this “L-shaped hand under your chin (+ smirk)” pose


  • my skincare routine is fuckin shit
One more (Pt.5)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Could you do one where y/n is dealing with alcohol/drug addiction and one night Yoongi (or bts reaction) accidentally finds out ?

Warnings: Alcohol abuse mention

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.3 // Pt.4 // Pt.6 // Pt.7

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Like an internal clock was going off inside your head, you woke up around 8 in the morning as you did every morning. It was too soon for you to open your eyes so you just shifted around the bed, leaning your head on Hoseok’s arm as the other was behind you. It was odd because his clothes smelled so familiar but unlike his own. Just a small peek and you knew instantly who was really laying next to you. Yoongi was still fast asleep, not know you were even awake. It took hours of convincing to get Hoseok to sleep in his room instead so he could be with you. After Yoongi told him about his long plan at winning you back he wasn’t convinced but hoped it would work out so all of this could just end already.

You didn’t want to admit it but he looked so sweet as he slept. His face seeming so much more calm than he had been lately. His lips barely parted as he breathed carefully. It had been a while since you’d slept next to him but you mind was suddenly plagued of that girl he was with, causing you to sit up. You started to feel the same nauseated feeling you had when you watched him having his arms around her and the way he chased after her. In no way did you want to be caught up with that and in no way were you going to stop him if he wanted to be with her instead. She was beautiful, sweet, and not struggling with an addiction that ruined their relationship. She could have been everything you weren’t. Thinking about it was making you tear up alone and giving you a small sense of self hatred. 

You removed the covers off of you as you stepped out of the bed, quietly. He didn’t even move an inch when you stood up but your grip on your phone slipped and it banged onto the floor. Yoongi’s nose crinkled while he shifted around on the bed. He’s eyes opened, seeing you getting up.


You felt yourself finch, hearing him awake, but your side was towards him. You coldly turned away from him so he couldn’t see your face as you sniffled. His eyes widened as he sat up. 

“What are you doing in here?” You asked, not sounding very in the mood. 

“I had to talk to you last night but you were already asleep-”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” It came out more forceful than you intended.

“Whoa, wait. I didn’t stay in here to pick a fight with you. I just wanted to talk to you but you were already asleep and I didn’t want you to leave in the morning before I got the chance.”

“About what? My blessing for you and your ex to do whatever? Yeah, go right ahead.” 


“Oh, don’t act like you were going to fuck her! I know I have no right to be mad but you also have no right to lie to me.”

Yoongi let out a small sigh of frustration.

“She’s not who I love. It didn’t end up happening and probably wouldn’t have happened anyway.”

“Why because I happened to be there?”

You could tell the conversation wasn’t going anywhere but you couldn’t stop yourself from spewing back comebacks. 

“No, Y/N. I know how bad that looked and I’m not going to sit here and make excuses. We’re completely and utterly nothing but she made me even more confident about how I feel about you. I love you and that still hasn’t changed. Hell, it won’t change. I know you don’t want me to be a part of your recovery so I’ll keep my distance. I’ll wait for you even if it takes years. I should have just respected that in the beginning instead of assuming that you needed me for everything. You’re your own person and-…..I’m so fucking proud of you, babe.”

It was like a hidden talent of his to leave you speechless as you tried to find the words to describe how you felt. In fact, it might even be impossible since you didn’t even know how you felt. Was it selfish of you to make him wait? Should you have just let him stay by your side? If he was in this position you would have wanted to be there for him so you can understand why he’s so desperate for your attention, you just wanted to protect him. Maybe he doesn’t need to be protected.

“Will you do me a favor?” You asked, still without facing him. 


“…….Will you pick me up from my meeting today?” It was quieter than everything else you had said because you were embarrassed to ask but you could tell  Yoongi’s eyes flickered with shock by the reflection in the TV.

“Y-Yeah, of course I will.”

Without saying another word you walked out of the bedroom so you could head off to your place for a change of clothes and head off to your meeting. Yoongi sat there in awe of what just happened. He wasn’t sure if this meant you were going to include him again. Even if you weren’t planning to this was better than nothing. He’d take anything you were willing to give him. 


As you headed downstairs you found Hoseok laying on the couch uncomfortably so you stopped by to thank him.

“Aw. You had to sleep down here because of me?”

His head titled up but he smiled, seeing you awake. 

“It’s Yoongi’s fault. Did you sleep okay?”

You smiled back, giving him a nod.

“Thanks to you. I’m going to head off to my meeting but I’ll come back to see you guys this weekend.”

Namjoon came out from the kitchen, grabbing a set of keys off of the shelf, as he approached you.

“I’ll drive you, I have to go somewhere anyway.”

He didn’t look very happy about where he was headed but he still remained as level headed as usual. You could have figured where he’d be headed off to but you were sure it was okay to ask. If he was going to talk to his girlfriend about what happened then he’s fully aware that she’s going to breakup with him. You have him a look of pity to which he returned with a shrug. As you didn’t want Hoseok to find out as well, you two just headed out to the car after saying goodbye. 

“Are you really going to tell her? I know it’s the right thing to do and everything but I can guarantee you’re going to lose her. “ You asked, sitting in the passenger seat. 

“It’s my fault. If I wasn’t willing to lose her I shouldn’t have let it happen in the first place.”

You looked down at your lap, knowing if you hadn’t had said anything things would have still been normal. 

“How’s recovery going, anyway?” He suddenly asked, seeing your glum expression. 

“Oh. It’s good. I’m really learning a lot but it’s easier with someone else in the house. I got rid of all the alcohol but there’s not much to stop me from heading off to a bar or buying more. It’s hard but I haven’t cheated at all-….Sorry, wrong choice of words.”

Namjoon cracked a smile. “Yeah, just a little bit.”

As you both sat in the car patiently to get to the right building you just talked about normal things. It was nice to talk to someone without fighting or having to bring up the obvious problems that were occurring in your life. It felt a little bit normal, giving you a small spring of hope in your chest. When you arrived and stepped out of his car you looked back to thank him. 

“Do you need me to pick you up a few hours?”

“Nope. I have my own ride, but thanks. I feel like I can always count on you, oh and good luck!”

For one last time he smiled again, waving.

“Yeah, you too.”

Caleo + Solangelo things part 2

Nico and Calypso bonding cause of their crush on Percy.

 and agreeing he’s ‘not their type’

Calypso gets a much bigger joy out of it then Nico does.

in fact

shes the only one who gets a thrill out of it

When people ask her ‘why don’t you like Percy?’

she’ll have a shit eating grin and Nico will mutter ‘hoe, don’t do it.’

Calypso will then find Leo grab him and kiss him in front of everyone 

Which Leo will combust into flames 

and Nico will just go ‘oh my gods!’

Nico has his own little game though

Calypso and Nico are huge gamers and compete with each other

Every time Nico wins he gets to kiss Will.

Which is a fair amount of times

Calypso fights homophobes for Nico

People call Nico ‘calypso’s gay best friend’

When Will isn’t around Nico goes to Calypso when he needs cuddles.

she gladly helps and Leo joins in to keep Nico warm.

Calypso wants to fight Bianca 24/7

Like if Calypso ever met Bianca’s ghost

she’d punch her in the face

Nico showed Calypso rock music

and Calypso showed Nico the instruments of old

Will and Leo are also great friends

Leo helps Will with the accounting of running camp halfblood’s hosptial

it started when Will had to solve a really hard math problem

so he went to Annabeth

but Annabeth coulden’t figure it out

Everyone stared like it was the end of the world.

Leo blurted out the answer 

and it was right

Annabeth gazed and Leo like he was a pond of water


the whole camp was amazed.

and Will found him an accountant. 

Leo also give Will the laughs he needs when Will is stressed at work.

cause nico most of the time isn’t there

So Leo always has a funny joke when Will is stressing


1/7 bf!monsta x!

this little series is going to be an extension from a previous post of mine where i briefly listed what monsta x would be like as boyfriends. i have a few requests in my inbox for a longer version so here ya go! turn on your notifications if you want to keep up with the rest of the series. nOTIF SQUAD WHERE U AT??

  • he’d be the shyest most awkward thing when he meets you for the first time
  • prolonged staring from a distance when you’re not looking but if you caught his eye boy would he look away so fast
  • if he liked you, he’d be the blushiest thing o h my god
  • the type to cough or drop a book loudly to catch your attention
  • immediately regrets it when you look over at him because he’ll feel so self conscious
  • “wait you like me too what”
  • he’d be the type of bf that every little girl dreams of
  • the actual definition of a gentleman
  • “there are three things that girls never touch on dates, the door knob, car door, and the bill”
  • he’d help you with anything and everything, literally he’s a call away
  • will change your tires, light bulbs, help you with around the house stuff
  • really awkward at first with skinship but will eventually ease into it
  • he’d keep his arms around you in public to protect you and show everyone that you’re his
  • would play with your hair nonstop
  • always down to cuddle with you 24/7
  • likes it when you rest your head on his toned chest
  • “i work out just for you, babe”
  • would do a 360 degree personality flip when it comes to exercise, like what happened to my boyfriend i did not ask for a personal instructor
  • sweaty gym dates [ insert creepy moon emoji ]
  • “your posture isn’t right”
  • proceeds to get really close to you and place his arms/hands around your waist/legs/arms etc. to fix your form
  • he’ll realize what he’s doing five minutes later and get really flustered
  • at dance practices he would show off his new choreo proudly
  • “well, i am monsta x’s best dancer”
  • if you pretend to not notice him or compliment another member he’d know you’re joking but would be lowkey jealous
  • he’d give you that bashful grin to show you that he’s okay but on the inside he’d be envious
  • if he’s real desperate he’d use the aegyo he has on reserve for dire circumstances
  • he’ll try to laugh it off but he’ll probably feel flustered for two weeks straight
  • constant texts asking if you’re okay and if you’ve eaten yet
  • he would be the best listener and would always be open for whatever rant you may need to get off your chest
  • late night jamming and dancing to your fav songs
  • the type to hold you tightly in his sleep
  • his heart would swell at literally everything you do because he loves you so much
  • you’d literally never see his eyes because he’d be so smiley
  • also would be so shy and bad at expressing his feelings
  • “isn’t it implied??”
  • he’d get so embarrassed but would love seeing you in his clothes
  • especially in his t shirts and sweatshirts
  • especially surprise ones, like while you’re cooking
  • if you’re shorter than him, he wouldn’t hesitate to rest his chin on your head 
  • “son hyunwoo you’re squeezing me i can’t breathe”
  • he’d never want to let you go but would eventually out of concern
  • gentle af unless some ass hurts his girl
  • he’s just like a big ol’ teddy bear, so cuddly and fluffy
  • who wouldn’t love this marshmallow 

meet my oc - Echo !! o:
u probably will see him a lot bc its summer and his design reminds me of summer so yeah,,,

few facts bout him:
hippie ™
hes pan (and has a trans girlfriend!! ill try to draw her tomorrow)
smells like weed 24/7
likes old rock bands (nirvana, guns n roses, ac/dc, queen, the beatles, the rolling stones etc.) and wears their shirts (forgot to draw whoops)
goes to woodstock every year (idk if u know what woodstock is bc im not sure if its that well known?? so “przystanek woodstock” is basically an annual rock/metal music festival in poland)

Boyfriend Sanha
  • head kisses
  • lots and lots of head kisses bc he’s LIKE A FREAKIGN GIANT
  • playing with his hair
  • having to constantly dye his hair bC OMG DYE DOES NOT STAY FOR LONG ENOUGH..
  • him trying to get you to do aegyo
  • then after refusing to do aegyo, him wanting to give you an in-depth tutorial of how to do aEGYO PROPERLY JUST LIKE SANHA GIVE IT UP
  • him making stupid faces as you two are video chatting
  • sanha resting his head on your shoulder and like leGIT FALLING ASLEEP LIKE HOW DO YOU FALL ASLEEP CHILD ARENT YOU UNCOMFORTABLE
  • “y/n comeeeee overrrrrrr”
  • “why”
  • “the hyungs arent here and i need someone to botherrrrr”
  • “…”
  • you consistently giving into his pouty face bC IT’S SO FCKIN CUTE FR….
  • it could be like 12am and you could be watching tv alone in your room and he would be having a moment where he overthinks everything and would text you being like “you still like me right?”
  • him taking jokes too far but then always ending up apologizing liKE A LOT
  • the best back hugs
  • neck kisses
  • his fingers being WAAAAY bigger than yours when you hold hands
  • always wanting to buy ice cream wherever you two go
  • “do you want to get ice cream?!”
  • “sure!”
  • “ok give me some money!”
  • your first kiss being awkward & shy bc he’s inexperienced
  • depending on if you were friends before he would either be REALLY comfortable around you or REALLY awkward at first
  • never knowing where to go for dates bc you two are both broke
  • “awwwwh that’s cute but get back to work we both can’t even afford fast food”
  • watching him mess with the hyungs while at practice
  • him constantly trying to sing OCTAVES OUT OF HIS RANGE
  • *he rubs your ears*
  • him forcing you to take selfies
  • he won’t say i love you but he will make small gestures that speak just as loud
  • constantly meeting up late at night (WHEN U KNOW HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE HOME) and getting fast food
  • sanha constantly asking for money from his hyungs
  • “can i have some money to–”
  • “you didn’t pay me back the last 5 times”
  • “that a lie”
  • *still gives sanha money bc of the power of his pout*
  • him thinking about you literally 24/7
  • like you are constantly on his mind
  • he will devote himself to you and won’t give up even when you are at your breaking point
  • him always wanting to buy you things and give you presents early
  • while you two are cuddling he will always play with your hair like he’s never seen long hair in his life before
  • ending up having dates at public places like parks, beaches, playgrounds etc. but them being just as meaningful as a date at a restaurant or movie

thrivingamongthetrees  asked:

Isjshdhdbdudbdd okay first off I wanna say I love you for making a servamp imagines blog. Second I wanted to know if I could request fluffy head canons for kuro and Lilly?


  • Will use you as a pillow for playing video games
  • Honestly will use you as a pillow period
  • If you say you are going to marathon shows Kuro will sit down and marathon it with you
  • He’s into cuddling but more often than not his significant other will have to initiate it
  • If you play video games Kuro will always ask to play mulitplayer with you no matter what the game is
  • Likes cheek and forehead kisses but refuses to admit it


  • Is down to cuddle 24/7
  • Likes nuzzling his face into his significant other’s back or forehead at any given time
  • Holding hands is a must but he will not force it if his significant other is not okay with that
  • He will watch shoujo anime and critique them with his significant other
  • If his significant other likes to he will play chess with them
  • Likes kisses in general and has no preference for any single one
MAGCON PACKS (like ou reblog se pegou, deu muito trabalho)
  • Pack 1
  • Pack 2
  • Pack 3
  • Pack 4
  • Pack 5
  • Pack 6
  • Pack 7

otakudreaming  asked:

Can I ask you another headcanon? If yes I want to ask how the RFA members will react at MC giving them a bracelet to wear as a couple? *^*


  • he squeals when you give it to him
  • like he absolutely loves the fact that you love him enough to get this for him
  • and you’re matching!!!
  • he hugs you and is jumping up and down like a small child calm down it’s literally a piece of string
  • you can bet he’ll wear it all the time
  • and he loves that you wear yours all the time too
  • he shows it to anyone who can see it sorry V
  • it boosts his confidence a lot because it means he always feels connected to you


  • he actually adores it
  • he immediately pulls you into a kiss before you even have the chance to put it on him
  • one day he’s forced to take it off for a play and he protests until the last second
  • when he comes back after the play he thinks he’s lost it for a moment
  • he’s freaking the fuck out
  • but then he finds it fallen on the floor
  • after that he leaves it with you rather than on his dressing table so it’s safe
  • he feels naked without it because when he wears it he feels as though there’s a part of you with him at all times


  • when you shyly hand it to her she feels her heart warming
  • “friendship bracelets??!”
  • no Jaehee for fuck’s sake we’ve been dating for six months
  • she’s told multiple times that she shouldn’t wear it to work
  • but does she care?
  • absolutely fucking not
  • she loves it so much and fiddles with it when she’s stressed which calms her down
  • she always smiles to herself when she thinks of you wearing yours at the same time as she’s wearing hers


  • hmm
  • he’s not sure about bracelets
  • I mean he has an image to keep up
  • but when you put it on him he just kind of melts a little
  • like it’s so cute that you love him enough to do this and be connected to him at all times
  • he doesn’t even care that it’s not expensive
  • he’ll wear it all the time even though it’s not strictly speaking ‘professional’
  • he often calls you to make sure you’re wearing it and it makes him feel close to you even when you’re apart


  • his face turns the colour of his hair when you give it to him
  • he’s lost for words for once
  • but he quickly melts into a grin and picks you up in a hug and spins you around
  • he wears it 24/7
  • like he doesn’t even take it off in the shower
  • whenever he’s getting stressed or frustrated he just looks at it
  • there’s little strings hanging off each of your bracelets, so sometimes he ties them together
  • “haha! victory! now you can never leave me!”
  • “I wasn’t planning on it”
  • you kiss him seven melts into the floor


  • he absolutely loves the idea of it
  • to be honest it goes pretty well with his aesthetic
  • whenever you’re cuddling together he’ll be running his finger over your bracelet
  • and whenever you’re apart for whatever reason he’ll be trailing his finger over his own, imagining that you’re doing the same
  • he loves taking artsy photos of them when you’re holding hands
  • you’d think there must be a limit to how many different photos of hands and wrists he can take
  • but apparently not
  • you secretly love it


  • he’s never really had many personal belongings before, let alone gifts
  • so when you give it to him he’s not entirely sure how to respond
  • all he knows is that it makes him feel… safe?
  • like when he’s wearing it he feels grounded
  • it helps him forget about all the terrible things he’s done
  • whenever he’s having a panic attack and you’re not there for whatever reason, he’ll clutch hold of the bracelet to remind himself of you
  • he never tells you that he finds it therapeutic but you notice anyway
  • he refuses to take it off, and actually ends up tightening it to the point where it can’t be taken off even if he wanted to
  • he’s so scared of losing it
  • it reminds him of all the positive emotions you’ve helped him feel again - happiness, hope and love
Girlfriend Series; Hwasa

this is my official “hey i write for mamamoo now hmu w requests”

moonbyul / wheein

  • she the type to say “turn on ur location” during a fight and you would both start laughing then the fight would be over and you’d be back to your normal meme-y selves
  • when you go the store she would force you to walk down the toy aisle for no reason other than to play with those plastic piano things
  • would buy you lots of gifts because she!! just!! wants!! to!! spoil!! you!!
  • she would cuddle with you all the time like and would 
  • probably has a list of things you mess up in her phone like “every thorn has roses” and kill a bird with two stones” and shes like HA 
  • she is a stubborn bean
  • “hyejin you need to eat breakfast” “im still trying to wake up”
  • “hyejin take your medicine please” “im an adult i can make my own medical decisions so nO”
  • she would touch ur butt all the time and you would touch hers in return because??? butts
  • freestyle rapping about the food you made for her
  • her singing in the shower and you being in awe bc she is literally an angel
  • shopping with her and the other mamamoo members and solar and wheein constantly trying to make her jealous
  • “(y/n) you look so good in that!!! you should come be my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner instead!!” and hwasa’s just off to the side like :^/
  • she’s dominate during sex yall i can feel it but i think she’d v secretly have a fantasy to be dominated thats all imma say
  • you laying your head in her lap constantly and she loves it 
  • would literally fight whoever makes you upset
  • your boss? she’d fight them. someone cut you off in traffic? tell em to run up. her fans make you feel bad about your appearance? WORLDSTARRRR
  • it would probably take her a while to come out of her shell around you but once she did you won’t regret it 
  • probably send you memes a lot
  • at least 40% of her texts would be emoji spams
  • Fuck a hater , hit a snitch , your my girl 👭 , my 5 star bitch , i love you more than any dick 💕💯, && if i dont get this back 🕙 , you aint worth shit !! Send this to 8 girls you care about .. 💯 I love you , I love you forever !! 💯 Whoever stops this will suffer for 83 days !! 💯💯💯 Ready, set, GO !!!!
  • she wouldnt even send these because she believed that if she didnt she would suffer for 83 days she just sent them because she knws you hate them
  • tickle fights are a thing alright
  • you two probably play video games in your underwear all the time
  • would leave you notes around the house
  • “i love you baby have a good day!! xx” but also
  • “DAMN HOE THAT BOOTY FINE A F” there is no in between
  • jamming to nicki 24/7
  • like in the parking lot of a grocery store just like “DONT INTERJECT, DONT INTERCEPT YOU AINT ON A JET YOU AINT MEET A BITCH WITH THIS KIND OF MONEY YET”
  • taking pictures of each other all the time for no reason other than you think each other are the most beautiful things in the world
  • she is so important be nice to her