@taylorswift I realized that this morning you gave me my 7th LIKE, AND YOU WERE NOMINATED RECENTLY FOR 7 GRAMMYS!!! 😳😭

I know this might be an awesome coincidence, but I’m learning Shifty Swift that anything is impossible when it comes to you Tay! Thanks for always keeping me on my toes! I love you! I’ll be attending the rest of the tour virtually!


Love you!


Hey guys, I’m going to be going through my likes folder again today, as well as changing my icon and my theme so this is just a little tiny heads up incase you don’t want me to flood your dash. I’m going to tag everything from my likes folder as “7likes” so you can definitely blacklist the tag if you don’t want a maelstrom of posts coming at you all at once. I’ll reblog this a couple of times as I’m doing it, but I’m just going to warn you ahead of time because I KNOW it can get super frustrating. 

I’m also going to be updating my bio, the links on my blog, and everything. That’s my goal for the next day or two (or during this break) is to get this blog hyper organized so that I can keep on trucking and so I can feel better about starting another blog elsewere~