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I am right now interrupting your scrolling to thank you all for 7k followers! It means so much to me and it has made me so happy. So thank you all very much. Being in this fandom and talking to some of you every day has made my days a lot easier to get through. You all along with the boys makes me so happy.

I’ve decided to make this follow forever as a thank you for those who are following me and putting up with my bad jokes every day. I love you all and you’re all wonderful. If I could put all my followers on this list I would, but I think that’d take forever to make and I’m not sure if it’s even possible haha :)

One last thing before I move on to the list. If any of you ever feel like you need somebody to talk to or just want to make a new friend, you are all very welcome to message me. No message ever bothers me. Just keep that in mind if you ever feel a bit lonely.

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Vote on the time the Kickstarter Should start + Kickstarter preview

So the Kickstarter stuff is just about ready to go *dies of preemptive nerves* *resurrects self because that is the power of a writer*

To give everyone as fair of a chance as possible to get first shot at the limited rewards/chibis of their choice I’m letting you guys vote on which time period would be best for you. Plus you can check out the kickstarter preview

All this and more in this thread on the forums:



More 7KPP paper dolls: fancy silver-and-gold welcome feast dress edition. 

You can see where I totally lost track of which features and hair/skin colors I used on the previous ones, whoops.

(ง •̀_•́)ง Blog update

Thank you so much to all the people that stayed for my blog even though the content that I post here have changed. You have no idea how much I appreciated all of you for staying through this with me. This is really a important time in my life and I promise I’ll revert back to the normal anime content in December 2015!
I’m going to continue work hard for my exams so that I have no regrets.
Thank you so much… I have no words…to express my gratitude (」゚ロ゚)」

Welcome to Vail University, the 7KPP blog dedicated to a modern-day college AU!

Most of this blog is just the two mods, Elise and Cora, posting fics/art about the Seven Kingdoms boys lives as a bunch of students living under one roof, but we do other stuff too like…

- Ask [insert character]

- Art/fanfic submissions

- Headcanons

- General fun facts about Vail U

Obviously all the above is in the context of a modern-day setting, but besides that everything is fair game. Send us your shinies/questions or just follow if you wanna see Elise and Cora’s stuff (or more of Louise the Llama go team)

~ Mod Elise, Mod Cora 


While I’m eagerly anticipating the full release of Seven Kingdoms: the Princess Problem, I have joined the bandwagon of people making dollmaker mockups of their characters. In order: Sheltered Princess Serenity, Tomboy Countess Mallory, an as-yet-nameless Corval Court Lady, and Lady Shuurei of Jiyel.

Made using this thing.


Okay, same girl creator (other link though), more MCs. This times girls i never draw, but still have their playthroughts. WARNING! Bad quality is bad. 

First of all,Lady Olivia of Corval (”Very pleased to meet you!~Say, how we never talked before? Let’s fix this, shall we?”)She is very talkative and charming maiden indeed. She was going to manipulate crown prince of Revaire into making her Queen, but then one certain pirate prince happen to steal her heart. 

Next, Lady Stefanie of Jiyel (”What do you want?Talk?…*sigh* Fine, let’s talk. Choose any topic, i’m clever enough to keep it alive.”)  Wonders that she forgot on Summit, most of the time very calm and reasonable about everything. Probably too reasonable for her own good. Doesn’t see any use of flattery and/or flirting, not interested in romance(her only love is science), but not against partnership. Good at speaking and manipulating people, but doesn’t like it. Don’t care that other think of her. Actually was very pleased with Lisle’s marriage offer and will became perfect queen.

And the last, Countess Eleonore of Wellin. (”Hm? Oh, sorry, you was talking to me? I didn’t realise. I’m Nora, by the way. And you?”) Happy and cheerful little puppy. But be careful, this puppy has very sharp teeth. She is great fighter and despite of everything really like dresses and armour. Idk with whom she will end. Really, no idea. I wanted to marry her Zarad, but then Julietta happened and now he belongs only to her. if only Eleonore could marry Lisle, if only :C I would love to see faces of all these nobles who send her to Summit to get rid of her. And she returned as their queen. It would be hilarious.

anonymous asked:

not really an ask but oh man did you have to write such tease-y scenes for zarad (after the matchmaker announced mc x him), lyon (when he was looking at you during the gazebo date), hamin (kiss on the cheek --- DAMNIT YOURE A PIRATE YOU GO BIG OR YOU GO HOME), etc

Yes. Yes I did.

Originally posted by punsandgifsandcatsohmy

(Keep in mind we are less than halfway through the game! The romances have to have somewhere (PG) to escalate!)

following spree!

going on a unfollow spree first, then following alot of people.

theres nothing really to reblog on my dash . 

  • reblog this if you want me to check out your blog! & probably follow!
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Hey! Love your recs :) Could you rev me some SteveTony best friends/life long friends to lovers fics, please?x

Hi love ♥ Thanks! I have a friends to lovers rec, and here are some fics where Steve and Tony childhood friends/grow old together:

Other recs you might like:

  • high school students: #1 & #2
  • college students: #1 & #2


anonymous asked:

*the anon who hadn't watched CATWS now has* What have you done. I'm trying to focus on my original work. I'm not ready to be in this relationship. Goddamit. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I'm not hunting for fic. Don't look at me.

I’m trying to focus on my original work

*snorts* The same damn thing happened to me tbh. Instead, I’ve written 36.7k of Stucky fanfic. (That doesn’t even include the Tumblr fics not on AO3 and my WIPs.)


I’m not saying you should start with Rena’s rec list but you should totally start with Rena’s rec list. ;D

Welcome to hell, I’m glad to have you ;)

okay i was trying to take a selfie in order to make this not a block of text but i look really bad, so i just wanted to tell u all that i am OFFICIALLY getting in-state tuition which is saving me $7k EVERY SEMESTER and it just lifts this huge weight that’s been on my shoulders for like two years!!!! and on top of that i am moving into my new apartment on friday with three of my close friends, AND i got a star wars poster so my bedroom will be BANGIN life is good college is good