S O M E W H E R E   I N   T H E   W I N T E R   W O O D S | Chapter Five

Red Riding Hood AU: Lost on her way to her grandmother’s cabin in the winter woods after running away from home, beautiful young Sansa thinks she’s run into trouble when she crosses a white wolf in the forest. Instead of harming her, the animal guides her to his master, a handsome warrior named Jon who lives in solitude and clothes himself in black.

After much persuasion, he begrudgingly agrees to take her to her granny’s, so long as she never bother him again and promises to keep the local townspeople from hunting after his wolf. But snows fall heavily on the mountains as days go by and evil lurks behind frozen trees, making this no easy feat.

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Question: What kind of trinket do you think Grumman would have on his desk that would tie him to Riza, or would hold some significance for their familial relationship?

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hii Lexi, I'm short on fics lately, I was wondering if you've got something to rec to me?? Whatever kind, it just has to be Larry

Okieee! I actually just read like 3 short fics this morning, they’ve been around for a bit though, so let me know if you’ve read them, then I can try to find something else for you!! :) 

Make A Run, Cause Some Rebellion by whoknows (9k):

This one is a hybrid!Louis one. sort of enemies/lovers. It’s very sweet, if you’re into secretly sensitive Louis this is definitely the way to go!

Call Me Maybe by Swallowsmateforlife (5.5k):

This was very cute and sweet. Strangers/Friends/Lovers It has a different type of beginning to it though. Check the tags!

One Day to Believe in You by mediaville (7.7k) 

This one is semi canon, and Louis cannot lie, and he and Harry have been distant! It’s super sweet and I go back to this fic all the time! Friends/not-friends/lovers

i just read the ask again and you said “short on fics” not short fics, so if you want longer ones feel free to come back!

A break to reflect!

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Artist:  Jay Park

Work count: 1.7K

Lately these days everything has been super hard and stressful on you, work has been super busy and your relationship with Jay seemed to be going down hill.

Every time you both were together all you did is fight over anything and everything, and it has been taking a toll on you, every time you think about it you break down in tears, even your friends and family could see how you became, you stopped eating much which caused you to become super thin and unhealthy, you’ve been putting your head in extra hours of work and you barely slept.

You were coming home from work super tired, Jay had texted you earlier asking you to sleep over at his apartment and you told him you will.
When you got into his apartment you saw him sitting on the couch so you dropped your bag beside the door and put your keys on the table and went to sit next to him

“Hey” you said and leaned to give him a kiss, but it wasn’t like always it had no meaning no soul to it, it was like a routine to the both of you, it was something you did, but not because you wanted.

“Hey” he said and kissed you back.

You both were quiet for a while, he was watching TV and you were on your phone, it wasn’t a comfortable silence, you guys didn’t know what to talk about anymore.

“How’s work” Jay asked randomly so it wasn’t so quiet and to break the silence.

“Good, you know busy hours as always, me and John are working on this new project” You said

“John, again” he said irritated, and he didn’t care that he showed it through his voice.

“Yeah John” you said Lately Jay has been picking on how you’ve been working to much with this guy called John, but how could you control that when your both co workers and have the same projects, work is work, even if it was with the same guy all the time

“Your always with him” he said

“Well I’m sorry we’re co workers and I’m just doing my job” you said sarcastically. It was getting on his nerve how you were being sassy.

“Look Jay, if your thinking anything is going on, well your wrong, I would never hurt you just so you know, and work is work, I can’t do anything about it, but I don’t know what’s up with you lately, you just keep picking fights out of nowhere, I came here to spend time with you but I guess you don’t care about that" you said because you were done fighting with him, Jay didn’t say anything because he didn’t expect you to say that, he thought you were going to argue back.

“Look I’m not going to keep arguing with you over everything, I think we need a break from each other for a while” you said and he saw how your voice was breaking when you said that. He saw how you were tired and for once he noticed how thin you became, he was genuinely worried for you.

“Let’s figure things out by ourselves and when you sort your things give me a call” you said and left his apartment and went to yours.

Jay sat there in his apartment all alone confused about everything that has been going on, and wondering how your relationship got to this point. What happened to the both of you, what happened to being all happy and in love, when nothing could bring you guys down, what happened to you guys against the world.

He was also tired from work and everything that’s been going on, and not being able to see you as much as he wanted was driving him crazy, Jay loves, more like he’s in love with you, and he wanted to fix this, but he knew he should give you a little space to sort things on your own, he didn’t want to push you.

You both went back to your lives, you with work and everything and him the same, you tried to take extra hours to take your mind away from everything, maybe you would come to some solution. You loved Jay and you didn’t want to lose him for sure, you were just trying to figure things out and come to a conclusion.

It’s been almost two months since you left Jays apartment, he did drop once or twice a text to you, you would either open it and just leave it read and sometimes you would reply with as minimal as you can. And it was driving Jay crazy.

Jay was walking down the streets when he saw you, beautiful as always but then he noticed who was next to you, and that made him go crazy, you could see the fire from his eyes.

Here you were wearing beautiful tight body con dress all dressed up, and then there was this guy next to you, wearing a suit and he knew who that was, it was John, you both were walking on the other side of the sidewalk and you both walked into a restaurant together.

First thing that came to Jay mind was that you moved on and you were done with him, Jay wanted to know what was going on, but he knew better than to make a scene in front of everyone, he knew he had to wait until you both were alone to talk about this. What he didn’t know was that you both were actually at the restaurant for a business meeting and definitely not alone.

The next morning you got a text from Jay asking if he could meet you today, you told him you would go over his house before you go to work since you find have to go early today You rang his door bell and waited until he opened it fir you, you then heard his foot steps get closer and then he appeared behind the door.

“Hey” you’d said and smiles at him and gave him a hug

“Hey” he said “Did you have your coffee” Jay asked and you shook your head,

“Okay sit and I’ll make you one right now”

“Thank you” Jay brought the coffee for you and came to sit next to you,

“What did you want to talk about” you asked since you just wanted to get to the point of why you were here

“About us, where we stand in each others lives, look I saw you yesterday with John” he said and he tried his best to not be loud and try to fix and figure out the problem

“Okay” you said not really getting what he’s trying to say

“Are we not together or what, look I’m really confused, I thought this break was supposed to be, us reflecting on ourselves, about us trying to fix the problems we have, and not go out with other people” he said and you could hear how hurt he was from his voice

“Jay I wasn’t going out with John”

“But I saw the both of you going into that restaurant” he said

“Yeah, but it wasn’t a date it was a business meeting, there was other people there Jay” You said and he relaxed a little

“Then why did you both walk in together” he said

“Because we left together from the office” You said trying to let him believe you Jay looked down, he believes you but the whole problem between you guys wasn’t fixed, he took your hand in his and looked you in the eye.

“I love you so much and every thing that has been going on between us and the fights we have is driving me crazy, I don’t know what happened, but I want to fix it, I want us to go back to how we were” he said

“I love you too Jay, and I want to fix this too, I don’t want to keep fighting over everything, we’re both busy with our jobs and I don’t want the time we spend together to be us fighting" you told him and he was glad that for a lot of things after you said that One that your relationship is still going on and two that you want to work it out too.

“What do we do though” you asked

“Well we have to start being more understanding of each other and start listening to each other more. We need to work things out when they get hard on us” He said and you nodded

“But first I need something” he said and you saw the smirk on him face

“And what is that” you said playing along to his game

“I want all the kisses that I missed out on for the past two month” he said and pulled you towards him and showered you with kisses, and you were a giggling mess under him.

You put your arms around his neck and kissed him back, but this time it was slow to show him how much you missed him. You both pulled away and looked into each others eyes, you were caressing his cheeks and then gave him a peck which surprised him. You were both sitting into each others arms and cuddling with each other, just enjoying his time with you

“I have work to go to work babe” you told him and he groaned which made you chuckle

“Why can’t you stay with me” he said with a pout

“But I can’t baby, how about we have dinner together, I can come to the office and we could leave from there, plus I haven’t saw Hoody for a whole and the guys” you told him and he was smiling at the idea.

“Sounds good to me” he said and gave you a peck, you got up and put your shoes back on getting ready to leave.

“I love you” you told him

“I love you too, see you later”

“Mmm, later” you said and left for work,

Jay couldn’t be happier now and his smile was permanent because everything worked out between the both of you. He loved you too much to just give up on you.



Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

Flightless Bird by DonnaHaywardsHead [E, 97.7k]

AU where Louis Tomlinson is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival from ballet school, moody dance prodigy Harry Styles joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company’s production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late? 
Ballet dancers, famous / dark past (H) | POV: both, 1st-person narrative | switching

Guilty Was The Book by florelikeaflower | @florelikeaflower [M, 28k]

a girl direction fic where Harry refuses to return her book to the library and Louis has no patience.
Fem Direction, university, getting together | POV: L

Signs Signs (Everywhere There’s Signs) by phdmama | @phd-mama.[E, 8.1k]

Each of the stories stands alone, really. They’re not related. 
POV: both | (bottom!H @chap.4)

Favorite HP/DM fics

•The Darklist- Dysonrules, 87.5k, NC-17
•Bond- Anna Fugazzi, 173.4k, M
•Turn- Sara’s Girl, 306.7k, NC-17
•Eclipse- Mijan, 309k, T
•At Your Service- Faithwood, 95k, NC-17
•Mental- Sara Holmes, 195k, NC-17
•Draco’s Boy- Empathic Siren, 183k, NC-17
•All Our Secrets Laid Bare- Firethesound, 149k, NC-17
•Origins- Ivy Blossom, 117k, M
•Drop Dead Gorgeous- Maya, 135k, M
•White Lies- Cassis Luna, 181k, T
•Checkmate- Naadi, 259k, T
•Left My Heart- Emma Grant, 85k, NC-17
•Starts With A Spin- Maxine, 129k, NC-17
•Underwater Light- Maya, 199k, T
•The One Where Ron and Hermione Found Out- EruditeWitch, 13k, M

I like really long fics & I love smut so these are mostly long & smutty lol.

For sale:

2004 Subaru WRX Java Black Pearl wagon

128k on chassis
5k on block

Mod List:


KYB complete strut assembly including tophats and sleeves
King Rally Springs +2"

All Installed at 123,626 miles by Rise Auto
Block tuned at 3,700 by 5150 Racing

CP Pistons
Manley rods
New OEM crankshaft
ARP Head studs
Race head gasket
ACL rod bearings
OEM case bolts
OEM STI Oil Pump
OEM Water Pump
New OEM Idlers
Gates Racing timing belt

TGV deletes
Ported Intake manifold
HKS BOV (atmospheric)
HPS vacuum lines
AMR metal turbo inlet
K&N short ram intake
MAF sensor

Fuel System:
Top Feed fuel rails
ID1000 injectors w/ Cobb plug n play
-6 AN Independent fuel lines
-6 High flow fuel filter
Aeromotive FPR with gauge
Walboro 255 fuel pump

IHI VF-39 ported and upgraded with 11 blade billet wheel by Turbo by Garret
Grimmspeed 3 port boost controller
Perrin heat shield
Ceramic heat coating on compressor housing

Ported and ceramic coated headers
Invidia Catless, ported, and ceramic coated up pipe
Invidia catless divorced downpipe
Custom Cobb midpipe with Vibrant resonator
Cobb axle back with black Vibrant muffler

Group N engine and transmission mounts
Subtle Solutions aluminum pitch stop
Cusco air/oil separator
Koyo Racing aluminum radiator
Mishimoto radiator hoses
Clutchmasters FX150 clutch
Clutchmasters lightweight Steel Flywheel

Dress up:
Perrin radiator shroud
STI hood scoop
Hella Super tone horn set

Mod Total:

Optional Audio:
1800wRMS 12" SPL Competition Subwoofer setup
Rockford Fosgate T1500 amp @1800wRMS
Audio Control bass equalizer
Fi Audio BL 12" sub with all the goodies
Custom built, dual faced, dual ported box
500w Kenwood touchscreen head unit
0ga XS Power line and RF RCA cords installed
2 XS power D1200 car audio batteries

Custom built amp box with cooling fans and battery chamber

Will add audio for $2,000

Asking price without audio: $18,000
Contact @martisaurus

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