Courage and Kindness: Part 8

PARING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: slight verbal abuse 

Part 8 is here! Sorry it’s a bit late, but life has gotten in the way slightly, so not sure how regular I’ll be posting but don’t worry I will be getting at least one if now two chapters out a week !! 

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Part 7


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If her stepmother would not have a fourth dress made, it seemed to (Y/N) that there was no reason why she would not try to run it up herself.

You looked through the mirror at yourself. One of the few possessions you had of your mothers was her dress. The light pink gown was a little big on you, but nothing a little sowing couldn’t fix. You had worked on it almost all day, and now you could finally see Bucky again. Hurrying down the stair’s you could hear your stepfamily below.

“My dear girls. To see you like this it makes me believe one of you might just snare the prince. And to think, I have two horses in the race. I doubt any other maiden will out shine my daughters” Daisy beamed at her mothers words only to see you descend down the stairs. Your stepsister’s dresses were lavish and extravagant. They almost reminded you of a Christmas decoration. Victoria’s dress was extraordinary as were most of her gowns.

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