7E Guest Artist Stefanie Posavec

Stefanie Posavec is an London-based data artist with an MA in Communication Design (Central Saint Martins).  With a background in book design and text visualisation, she works as a designer with a focus on data-related design, with work ranging from data visualization and information design. She is commissioned for data art and data illustration for a variety of clients. Her personal work focuses on the visual representation of language, literature, or numbers and has been exhibited internationally.

Check out her site. We love her book art.  



7E Guest Artist - Yann Seznec

Our engineering/art blog started summer of 2013 that focused on our passion and profession; art, music, technology and electronics.  What started out as intimate projects that revealed our relationship/marriage has now flourished to wide variety of guest artists from all over the world.

Yann Seznec is an artist, musician and founder of Lucky Frame based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His work focuses on sound, music, physical interaction, games, and instruments.

His recent work top to bottom:

Currents is a project that is both installation and performance.  It consists of 172 computerized fans of varying sizes.  The fans access weather data from 6 varying global locations and recreates wind patterns for the visitor.  

Spores is an installation that shines laser underneath mushrooms to clearly highlight thousands of glistening spores. 

Cigar box MiDI Controller is a playful project that includes 6 potentiometers, 6 buttons, 3 toggle switches, a Gametrak string controller, and a breakout board for five capacitive touch note switches.

Thank you Yann for joining 7E!


Happy October from 7E

October is a special month for me.  LA nights are slowly becoming cooler and maybe a little quieter. The trees are rustling and gradually turning orange and yellow.  Terry and I are already prepared for the massive amount of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  We’re hoping the 10 bags of candy will be enough this year.    

It also happens to be the month of my birthday.  So to kick it off, we present our 7E October Mix.  Kinda dark and atmospheric - Enjoy.  



It’s December. A Holiday Mix from 7E.

We’ve been working on big things here which might explain the slower posts on our site. We’re really excited and we can’t wait to share our new venture.

Here are some 7E Holiday Playlists - http://bit.ly/1bHMIfY

The music is more figurative when it comes to holiday music.


BTW, I stumbled upon this movie which was voted one of the worst holiday flicks of all time.

In the News - LACMA/Hyundai supports Art + Technology

LACMA and Hyundai Motor Company just announced The Hyundai Project - a brand new 10 year partnership in creating a Art + Technology and Korean Art Scholarships. Hyundai will be sponsoring exhibitions that address the intersection of Art + Technology and “champion technology-based artist projects through grants and in-kind support from leading technology companies.”

“For Korean art scholarships, The Hyundai Project will support three exhibitions and multiple publications planned over the next decade, ranging from historic, traditional art forms to new works created by contemporary Korean artists. The Korean Art Scholarship Initiative creates a new platform and model for research in these areas—key aspects of Korean art that have never before been explored on this scale in either exhibitions or books published outside Korea. The exhibitions, currently planned for 2018, 2022, and 2024, will each include international symposia, online scholarly publications, and exhibition catalogues.”

This partnership/support resonates with us as our blog is all about Art + Engineering plus I’m Korean American!  This is a great way for Korean artists to step up and engage in this opportunity.  


Photo: Robert Irwin, Miracle Mile 2013 LACMA.


Our Art and Engineering Teaser. Meet Ottobit. 
No quarters needed.  Crush bits, de-rez and sonic destroy.  


7E Guest Artist - Candas Sisman

Both a visual artist and sound designer, Candas Sisman combines physical forms, digital motion graphics and sound design to create his artwork. Candas’ work focuses on manipulating “our notion of time, space and motion” and “creating a bridge between the physical world and the digital world.” I’m loving his work. Isn’t SYN-Phon beautiful? Be sure to check out the full FLUX video below as well.

F L U X from candas sisman on Vimeo.

We’ll definitely be following Candas to see what he creates next.



7E Guest Artists - Aether & Hemera

Aether & Hemera are Claudio Benghi and Gloria Ronchi. Taking their name from the Greek god and goddess of “brighter upper air and daylight,” their aim is to “provoke memories, explore aesthetic interactions and to elicit feelings of connective human experiences in a required-to-participate audience." Claudio is the media architect while Gloria is a lighting artist. Working mostly with lighting and mathematically defined patterns, Aether & Hemera’s work explores the ”aesthetic challenges of light and its power to trigger emotions and response.“