7E Guest Artist - Peter Vogel :: Godfather of electronic sculpture

Peter Vogel is a truly innovative German artist born in 1937. He  pioneered the idea of turning circuits into sculptures. Formally trained in physics, Peter says his works are “dependent on an active observer” and that “form follows function.” In the ‘60s, he became interested in early electronic music experiments with, synthesizers, tape loops and musique concrète. And, in the late '70s he started experimenting with sound structures which are “walls of sound” consisting of electronic components, speakers, and sometimes sensors and synthesizers which react to the viewer.

What a beautiful aesthetic created from electronic components that all of us take for granted daily. We love Peter’s work!


**additional photos by Aaron Meyers, svennevenn, and Daniel Bagel. licensed under the creative commons.


Happy October from 7E

October is a special month for me.  LA nights are slowly becoming cooler and maybe a little quieter. The trees are rustling and gradually turning orange and yellow.  Terry and I are already prepared for the massive amount of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  We’re hoping the 10 bags of candy will be enough this year.    

It also happens to be the month of my birthday.  So to kick it off, we present our 7E October Mix.  Kinda dark and atmospheric - Enjoy.  



7E Guest Artist - Kilian Eng

Lately I’ve been rediscovering sci-fi illustration and there are a new generation of artists carrying the torch for illustrators like Syd Mead. Kilian Eng hails from Sweden and I discovered his work through the Moments Lost project. Anything combining bladerunner, illustration and synths sounds like a winning combination to me. Many others apparently feel the same way since Moments Lost recently had success raising over twenty six thousand euros to fund the project.

Thanks Kilian for letting us feature your work. We’re excited to see what you create next.