Michiel carved his first leather saddle only two years ago. His Brooks Team Professional had served loyal duty over many miles for about fourteen years and needed to be replaced. He could not just discard of the saddle, so instead he decided to turn it into a commemorative piece to put on the wall. Michiel applied some decorative lines with a fine wood carving tool and filled the creases with gold paint.

Carving his old saddle felt very good and the result of the experiment turned out to be quite nice, so the new saddle received a similar treatment before it was put on his bike. From here on the carving experiment took on a life of its own and soon many avid cyclists commissioned a carved saddle of their own. Michiel’s work was even discovered by Brooks England who ordered some special editions to be used as awards for a retro cycling event. A little later Michiel was also asked to display his artistic skills at a marketing event in the Brooks booth.

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