AX Summary...

So! I’m back from Anime expo!! I went the second and third day, and it was so fun! My feet are totally dead but totally worth it so yeah!! My bro @the-shark-lord went too!!


I saw some hella cool cosplays!! Please let me know if your face in in any of them!!



I also got this really huge aizawa pin from the funimation booth, yes.

I bought a pokemon mystery box! I tried to load the unboxing video, but it didn’t work…

I got 2 cups, a beanie, a pokeball stress toy, some cards, and erasers! I’m salty that I didn’t get a plush….

Test Art

Tested out Marvy Uchida alcohol pens!! They are really nice

I also tested Wacom tablets! It’s ok… The problem is that its so sensitive so my hand kept making marks and it was annoying…

Also squish

I also drew on that wall that they let people draw on

Oh yeah my bro drew stuff too

People I ran into

Met up with @shiny-1urantis!! He’s a cool dude, go follow him!

I also met @bechnokid at the pokemon cosplay gathering, and she was dressed as Grimsley! Glad to see you again! :)

Read more for pokemon cosplay gathering pics!

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Andy Myers on the not so cave looking ‘ Bin Laden’s Cave ‘ V6/7A

I think this was Ants (the closer of the two spotters) second time outdoor climbing and he put on a great show. After bashing out a few classics he finally got what it felt like to work a climb and have it become your project. Those feeling of knowing every move and trying to master your sequence, the little tips you figure out to save time. I mean most of the time when you actually finish a project you sit there thinking “was it really that grade? I swear that climb was no where near the one I tried the other day” 

Let’s hope he has some great days out in the years to come.

anonymous asked:

3seneden beri sadece birinde takılı kaldım anlaşamıyor, üzüyor ve umursamazdı son 1yıl içerisinde yine bir olay oldu ve ayrıldık arkadaşlarımın zoruyla beni 2yıldır seven biriyle oldum çok karakterli biriydi böyle olunca bende sevmeye başladım, aşk değildi. 7ay gibi bir süre devam ettirdik fakat olmadı ama çok uyuşup, eğleniyorduk devam ettirmek istedim zorladım,bitti sonra diğeri geldi baya değişmişti tekrar denemek istedi,kabul etmedim ama kafamı karıştırdı (pek sevmem ama danışmak istedim) 😒

Ben ne diyeyim ki, sonuçta üçünüzü de tanımıyorum ama bence hangisi seni üzmüyorsa, senin mutluluğunla mutlu oluyorsa git kocamaaann sarıl ona