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Omg omg omg. Can you do a Drabble for markjin and number 53?

53.“Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”

“Hey, come on, let’s go, I’m hungry,” Mark said casually as he sat down on Jinyoung’s bed, the latter of which slowly opened his eyes and then jumped up in confusion; “Mark?! What are you doing here? How did you even get in here? What’s going on?” he exclaimed, trying to figure out what was happening.

“Oh, the door was locked so I came in through the window. And you said you would get ice cream with me if I got off work early, so let’s go!” Mark chirped happily, to which Jinyoung gave him a perplexed look before pulling out his phone; “What the hell, Mark! It’s 4am!” he shouted, then suddenly dropped his voice down to a whisper as if remembering that they had to be quiet. 

Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!” Jinyoung whispered angrily, to which Mark simply laughed and shot the younger boy a smile; “A bartender that was promised an ice cream date, so quit stalling and let’s go. I know a 24 hour place that has the best swirl cones,” he said, throwing Jinyoung a jacket and leaning against the door with a smile as the younger cursed under his voice but put on the jacket anyways.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

Alvar grinned in response, judging it rather infantile from Death to show off its knowledge of languages. But fact was – Death simply knew everything that Alvar knew. And a dead language suited Death, after all.

Aurora habet aurum in ore.”* Dwelling in timelessness, Death spoke Latin fluently, as if it were still spoken like one day by the majority of the civilized world. “Is it not the more poetic heard precisely at dawn? How did that become so poor and prosaic as the early bird catches the worm?”

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(*)  Aurora (Dawn) carries gold in her mouth and hair.


53 Packard Clipper by Greg Gjerdingen
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