The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 7 : Episode 7
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 7 : The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You

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Faced With The Fallout From His Interaction With Cade, Stefan Is Determined To Have One Thing Go Right – Christmas Eve With Caroline. However,...
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'Star in a Jar’ Fusion Reactor Works and Promises Infinite Energy
New tests verify that Germany's Wendelstein 7-X fusion energy device is on track to safely suspend plasma in magnetic fields.
By Glenn McDonald

For several decades now, scientists from around the world have been pursuing a ridiculously ambitious goal: They hope to develop a nuclear fusion reactor that would generate energy in the same manner as the sun and other stars, but down here on Earth.

Incorporated into terrestrial power plants, this “star in a jar” technology would essentially provide Earth with limitless clean energy, forever. And according to new reports out of Europe this week, we just took another big step toward making it happen.

In a study published in the latest edition of the journal Nature Communications, researchers confirmed that Germany’s Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) fusion energy device is on track and working as planned. The space-age system, known as a stellerator, generated its first batch of hydrogen plasma when it was first fired up earlier this year. The new tests basically give scientists the green light to proceed to the next stage of the process.

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I think one of the reasons I love Yuri!!! On ice, aside from a realistic and honest depiction of mental health issues and an international set of characters that don’t fall into tropes too badly, is that it shows a world where gay relationships and no longer gay relationships; just relationships. There is no coming out part of the show. There is no self hatred for being gay. And while its important for these aspects of being gay to be portrayed, it is refreshing to see a glimpse into the kind of world we are all waiting for. One where Victor, a russian of all ethnicities, can openly kiss Yuri after a performance on international TV and that not even be a significant topic.
A world where when Phichit can openly announce his friends marriage to a crowd and no one bats an eye and just applaudes them.
We have so much work to be done until what we see in Yuri is real, but i realized that glimpse into the world we are all waiting for is one of the many things that makes it such an amazing show.

Visualizing Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later

In remembrance of the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, NARA’s Special Media Division is presenting related maps, photographs, ship plans, and films in their holdings.

Manuscript color Map of Pearl Harbor after the Attack (NAID  29032720).
Prepared by the Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas to illustrate the locations of roads, railroads, airfields, buildings, storage tanks and positions of unnamed ships in the harbor.

Photographs documenting the aftermath of the attack may be found in the General Photographic File of the Navy (RG 80-G, RG 80-GK), Color Photographs of Signal Corps Activity (RG 111-C), and Photographs of American Military Operations (RG 208-MO).

Pearl Harbor, HI. Thick smoke rolls out of a burning ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. December 7, 1941. NAID: 12009098.

The Cartographic Unit holds maps and aerial photographs depicting Pearl Harbor, as well as plans for ships that were present on December 7, 1941.

Map of Pearl Harbor, one of approximately 40 new pictures of combat action during first six months of Pacific war, released in connection with publication of “Battle Report” by Comdr. Walter Karig, USNR and Lt. Welbourne Kelley, USNR. Rec’d Nov. 27, 1944. Local ID: 80-G-47105.

Aerial Photograph showing Pearl Harbor on March 10, 1942, three months after the attack. (RG373: ON 002922, Exposure 24)

Below you can see plans for the USS Arizona (BB-39), which was bombed and sunk during the attack. They list alterations to the ship’s design dated as late as June 1941.  (RG19:  Alpha Series; USS Arizona (BB-39)

Because the bombing of Pearl Harbor was a surprise, there is very little American footage of the attack itself. The following film captures about three minutes of the attack and its aftermath.

The National Archives also holds records captured by US military forces, but created by Japan. The following film, designated in NARA’s holdings as “A Captured Film, Hawaii“, is an English-language Japanese propaganda film about the attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan’s declaration of war. It appears to have been part of a larger film reel that also contained a French-language propaganda film. It’s possible that such films were intended to be shown to foreigners in territory captured by the Japanese military.

Almost twenty years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, US Navy divers recovered a Japanese midget submarine that had taken part in the December 7 attack. The recovery operation was captured on film in July 1960.

You can also learn more about the US Military’s December 7th film about the Pearl Harbor attack (directed by John Ford) in this blog post from 2014.

via Visualizing Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later | The Unwritten Record 

Follow the National Archives this week, including our accounts at @usnatarchives, @fdrlibrary, @preservearchives, @congressarchives, @riversidearchives, and @ourpresidents, as we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor with images, stories, and documents from our holdings.

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I Love To Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


NOTE: Discussion with reference to miscarriage. 

It apparently only took once, or twice, though technically once, since there had been three weeks between the two times Alexandra and Loki had coupled, so when she was told how far she was, she knew it was from the consummation of her marriage. Immediately, Alexandra started to hyperventilate, terrified of what was now her fate. The healer tried to calm her, tell her what to do to ensure a safe pregnancy, but Alexandra did not hear half of it, her mind focusing on one thing alone. When she went back to her rooms that evening, she said nothing, immediately going to bed and pretending to sleep. Upon entering, Loki looked at his wife confused, not understanding what was causing her behaviour. Saying nothing, he got into the bed and turned away from her, as they usually did and tried to drift off, but the anxiety that was radiating from her was almost palpable. He recalled when she could not sleep on Alfheim, how she had initiated intimacy between them. Though it was awkward, since they did not see eye to eye, it was incredibly pleasurable. If he had a more willing wife, Loki would have wanted to do the act daily, but as it stood, she did not seem to want to. Gritting his teeth, he realised he was after thinking of her naked body under his, causing him to become highly frustrated, wishing to relieve himself, but knowing she was awake, so being unable to. Deciding to see if she would assist his predicament in any manner, he turned in the bed and got closer to her. Confused, and somewhat startled, Alexandra turned around to see what he was doing, when she realised he was close to her, she willed her eyes to focus through the darkness at him, only to realise a moment before he did it that he was trying to kiss her.

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I had the privilege of visiting LC-14 earlier in 2016, where Glenn and his fellow orbital Mercury astronauts took flight. While the blockhouse remains, all that is left of the launch pad is the concrete ramp and pedestal; the metallic service gantries were removed long ago.

At the entrance to the launch complex is the Mercury Seven monument, which was dedicated in 1962 and features a time capsule to be opened in 500 years.