7:00 8:00 9:00

No but imagine with all of those 00:00:00 things-

The timer countsdown to 00:00:00 but you’re stupidly in a crowded area. You don’t see anyone you know. It could be anyone.

The timer counts down to 00:00:00 as you follow your crush, hoping that it’ll be him- that he’d be the one. Your timer hits 00:00:00. His doesn’t.

In the same strain, you’ve started dating someone, and you really love them, like woah. And after you mention the time left on your timer, they stops\, and his smile goes away. You ask him whats wrong, and they quickly lie about having the same time, knowing that your times actually differ which means they dont reach 00:00:00 at the same time, meaning youre not soul mates at all.

What if it hits 00:00:00 and you suddenly see your worst enemy staring back at you, and the horror hits the both of you at the same time.

What if, right when it hits 00:00:00, you die in an accident, and your soul mate is someone who meets you in heaven-

Or you start dating someone because they have the same time left as you, and you guys believe that your soul mates, but then it comes to be their timer is a few seconds faster, and right as their’s hit 00:00:00, they look up at someone else.

Or what if you hit 00:00:00 and look up at someone and it’s not the original gender you thought you loved like “I didn’t know I was a lesbian” new best seller.

(Im sorry my brain is running away from me here


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Please do a Lashton of the silent treatment one! 😍

So freaking sorry I took so long with this =3 (ily guys ily)

Malum for this preference is here!



It was a Friday night, and Luke had promised to take you out to dinner, as he hadn’t had the time to do so in a long while. He said that he would be home to pick you up at 7:00, so you put on one of your best dresses and you sat in the living room and waited. 7:00 passed, then 8:00 and 9:00, and you eventually gave up on waiting and changed into your pajamas, opting to lay in bed and watch TV. Luke came home at 10:00, looking absolutely tired and clueless. He tried to make conversation with you but you didn’t respond, and that’s when he noticed your dress lying at the edge of the bed. His face fell but you didn’t give him the chance to speak before you handed him a pillow and a blanket, indicating that he would be sleeping on the couch.

The next morning while you were getting ready for work, he tried to apologise several times, but you wouldn’t hear a word, or utter one for that matter. You left for work as soon as possible, before he weakened your resolve with those puppy eyes. 

When you returned, however, you were greeted by Luke, dressed in his best, standing before a table set with food that looked from a five star restaurant. “Luke…” was all you muttered and he sighed in relief before hugging you. Your mind was still trying to process the situation when you spoke again, “Did-did you cook?” He just chuckled and kissed you, then pulling out a chair for you to sit.


Tonight your parents would be coming over to yours for dinner, and you really wanted to cook something special. Ash had promised to drive you to the grocery, but he had obviously forgotten. The boys had been shooting a video in the front yard all afternoon, and not once had it crossed Ashton’s mind that he had other responsibilities. When he finally came inside from what was obviously a food fight, he found you sitting at the kitchen table fully dressed and waiting, fuming quietly. The moment he saw you, he remembered his promise and he started to apologise, “(Y/N), I-“

You just raised your hand silently to stop him and signaled for him to go get cleaned off, hoping you could still make it in time. When he came back, cleaned and wearing fresh clothes, you got up and walked out without a word, him trailing at your heels. “(Y/N), oh god, talk to me. Shout at me, rip my head off. Anything but the silent treatment!” He begged. You didn’t even look in his direction. He sighed in defeat as he picked up his car keys and you opened the door. As soon as you stepped outside, however, you were hit square in the face by a banana cream pie, causing all the other guys to go still.

Ash stepped out beside you and the moment you made eye contact, you both burst into laughter. “Where did you even get banana cream pies?” you utter in between bouts of laughter. 

Ash grinned and swiped off some of the filling from your cheek and tasted it. “It’s really good. Where did we get these pies?” he’d question, causing everyone to dissolve into laughter again.

-Lee xP