I can’t stop thinking about how Allura reacted when VM came into her room post-Ft. Daxio fight you guyssss. 

Because Feeblemind, right? This is the thing that got cast on Tiberius way back when, and I checked the spell description online: your Intelligence and Charisma drop to 1, you can’t use skills that use those modifiers, can’t cast spells, understand language or communicate coherently. You do, however, still know who your friends are and can follow/protect them. 

Allura, though - Allura was so goddamn terrified that I don’t think she really got that VM were allies, given the way that she panicked when Pike and Keyleth reached out to her to cast Greater Restoration. She was still a bit wary of them all, even if she knew somehow that they were friends. 

But - she knew she could trust Kima, that Kima had her back and that Kima was someone to protect and defend. Excuse me while I cry at these gorgeous, badass women who love each other so fucking much that, even when one of them is terrified out of her mind and unable to think or communicate fully - they can still recognise one another. They still know. They know.