I’m really, really unsure why anyone thinks the Thordak fight was “too easy.”

- They literally spent forty episodes preparing for it. The characters leveled up 2-3 times during the course of those episodes, and got a lot of really wicked spells and feats in the process.

- Thordak had over 1200 hit points. That is, I believe, twice as many as any other foe they’ve ever faced, or close to. His fire breath was bad enough to KO several of them in one shot, if they hadn’t had fire resistance.

- THEY PREPARED. The hero’s feast, making sure everyone DID have fire resistance, getting all the Vestiges so that they had extra protection and/or firepower.

- If the argument is “other fights were worse” - well, that’s because they DIDN’T PREPARE PROPERLY for them. Kevdak was a terrible idea from start to finish, and wouldn’t have ended well if it hadn’t been for Scanlan’s hold spell and Travis’s amazingly timed natural 20. Umbrasyl went about as well as could be expected. Vorugal should have been a terrible idea, but they managed it because once again, Scanlan came through in the clutch. Those weren’t near-disasters because of their objective difficulty, they were near-disasters because VOX MACHINA HAS TERRIBLE PLANNING SKILLS.

- BUT THEY PLANNED FOR THORDAK. They brought allies. They had four very powerful allies on the field with them, plus armies and other allies holding back Thordak’s allies. 

- A lot of credit goes to Liam and Laura for “jaegering” Pike so well. Honestly, I think they did it better than Ashley might have herself, mostly because Ashley is out of practice by necessity, while Liam and Laura live D&D every week. They knew exactly what kind of spells were needed to keep them all alive, and deployed them at just the right times. 

- They spent FORTY EPISODES planning for this. Three of them died during that time. One of them was forced to pledge himself to a goddess. They dealt with a soul-stealing sword and a mad scientist and a deceitful dragon and a power-hungry goliath chieftan and a mad archfey and a raskshasa and  two other ancient chromatic dragons and a whole mess of other things along the way. The whole point of all of that was to GET TO THIS FIGHT AND LIVE. Which they did. They SUCCEEDED. And it was by their own skills, not because Matt dumbed anything down for them.