The most adorable person/cartoon cat on tumblr, 78Q, was talking today about the squirrels! Apparently squirrels are rare in Japan! I told her you can feed them, and then relvetica and I went to the park and took pictures of just that!

Ah, he took the nut, but the camera was slow!

Right after he took the nut from my hand!

Taking another nut!

He went to go bury it for winter!

He put his hands on my hand to eat this nut!

Eating right in front of us!

He put his hands on mine… and his teeth! It was just a small bite, though, and it didn’t break the skin. No blood! I don’t think I’ll get rabies.

So those are squirrels, 78Q! These are New York City squirrels, and they are very brave and not scared of people… because they know they can get food!

j-d-salamander asked:

91, 78, 66, 60, 44,

91Q: Broke the law:
91A: Uh when I was 6 there was a charm on a necklace I really liked so I broke the chain and took the charm.

78Q: The one person I can’t hide things from:
78A: My sister. 😒

66Q: People that make you happy:
66A: Anyone that has ever contributed something positive to my life.

60Q: I lose all respect for people who:
60A: Ever degrade or treat other people poorly for situations or physical/mental characteristic that are out of their control.

44Q: One person you wish you could see right now:
44A: My sister. After everything she’s been through these past two weeks, she deserves a huge hug.