S.O to Kayla and Jordin for the sick fan art 🙌

You can send letters, art, and more to my PO Box (1866 Kyle, TX, 78640)

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Hey guys, I have a few things to say! I’ll just list them here all at once instead of making several silly posts about nothing.

One: Thank you so so much to those of you who have sent me mail or in the process of doing so! I love getting letters and I promise that I’ll be hand writing every single one of you a thank you note back! And to those of you who have asked about sending me cards for my birthday at the end of August, here’s the PO Box one more time:

Lane Devlin

PO Box 357

Kyle, TX 78640

Two: If you’ve sent me an ask over the last couple of weeks I promise I’m not ignoring you! Our internet connection has been really wonky here and I’ve been trying to find some time to sit and answer them all. If you sent me something anonymously that isn’t a question I may not get to answer it(just because I don’t want to flood anyone’s dash with asks!) but I DO appreciate your message! And I will get to you if you didn’t ask anonymously, I promise!

Three: We’re thinking about doing another video chat this weekend! I’m not sure if we’ll be in cosplay or just regular clothes(or any other costume we might see fit??) but if you guys are down for that then we could probably do a chat on Saturday or Sunday! We’ll also try to schedule it earlier in the day so those of you overseas don’t have to stay up as late!

Four: Last but most certainly not least…WE ARE OFFICIALLY GOING TO DRAGON*CON! Yes, Natasha, Stark and myself(plus Ash and Zeph) will be at Dragon Con to celebrate my birthday(August 30th) and to meet all of you that will be there! We’re very excited and we’re looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

And for those of you asking for my other social media accounts, feel free to follow me:

Cosplay Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / DeviantArt / Personal FB


Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up that I finally got that PO box! Many of you sent me asks about where to send me mail and such, since my birthday is August 30th and some of you wanted to send cards, I went to the post office and signed up for one!

So if there’s anything physical that you want to send me, please send it to this address:

Lane Devlin
PO Box 357
Kyle, TX 78640

That said, PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO SEND ANYTHING! It was cheap to rent out so it’s just for fun! I’ll probably go and check it once a week so let me know if there is anything you sent that I need to keep an eye out for! Thank you! As always, you guys are awesome and I hope you’re having a great week!

Hello my lovelies! I have been getting asks about Christmas cards lately! Yes, I do have a place to send them if you’d like to send a Christmas card! Also, if you’d like to wish my Natasha a happy birthday(her birthday is December 4th!) you can also send cards and whatnot to this same PO Box!

Lane Devlin/Caci Devlin
PO Box 357
Kyle, TX 78640

On the subject of Christmas cards…I’d like to send some out this year as well! I’m going to go buy a certain amount of them to send to my followers so if you’d like a Christmas card from yours truly, go ahead and send me an ask with your address and the name you’d like me to call you. Of course this is only if you feel comfortable with giving that info out! Please don’t be upset if I don’t get to send one to everyone who sends in an ask, I’ll do my best to get to as many as possible! Thank yoooou and have a lovely day!