Devisme Mle 1855 revolver

Designed by Jean-Louis François Devisme in 1854, manufactured from 1857 to 1858 with some variations around France and Belgium, serial number 7843.
10,8mm/.425 cap and ball, six shot Thouvenin cylinder, single action.

Firearms using the design of the carabine à tige of Louis-Etienne de Thouvenin had a small metal rod protruding from the end of the breech inside the barrel, upon which the lead bullet would be squished with a heavy ramrod to fit the rifling’s grooves. This revolver saw limited use in the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian war, but the complex disassembly required to reload it made it unpractical as a military weapon until the top break, centerfire variant came rolling.

Sauce : Pistol3d.com

Calling All Awkward Teen Poets
Want to hear YOUR misguided teenage poetry and lyrics on The Mortified Podcast?

Submit your worst verse–any poem or lyric written before the age of 19! We’ll feature a few of our favorite entries on The Mortified Podcast on December 28, 2015. One person will be crowned “Most Mortified Poet 2015” and will get tickets to see Mortified Live in a city of their choice plus an annual subscription to Poetry magazine. Could this be you?

How to Participate:

Dust off your old high school poetry notebooks.

Call the hotline before December 15, 2015:

1-844-4MORTIFIED (1-844-466-7843)

Record yourself reading your best worst stuff. Leave a voice message providing your:

  • Name
  • Phone & Email (don’t worry–your contact information is just so we can contact you)
  • Age When You Wrote Your Entry
  • Why It Mortifies You
  • Then Read (or Sing or Rap) Your Worst Verse

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Deadline for submissions is

December 15th at 11 PM PST.

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Need Inspiration?

Hear one man’s collection of terrible teenage poetry in this episode of The Mortified Podcast.

Call the hotline at 1-844-4MORTIFIED (1-844-466-7843)

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