78 set

Tarot or Oracle?

A lot of new diviners might find themselves wondering if they should start with an oracle deck or a tarot deck. There are lots of positives to each so it’s just a matter of what you’re looking for.

✨ 78 cards
✨ set meaning for each card, though certain differences can be found in each deck
✨ the most popular is the Rider-Waite deck
✨ can require a period of studying to know the universal meanings unless you choose to use a guidebook

✨ any number of cards, it depends on the deck
✨ each deck has a different theme and their own set of meanings for cards
✨ there isn’t one deck/style/author that is most popular or well-known
✨ may not require as intensive studying for each deck, but since each deck is very different, you need to study them individually

What they have in common:
✨ your intuition can always guide you for the meanings
✨ can be cleansed and/or charged
✨ can be shuffled in any way
✨ can offer insight into almost any situation and provide guidance
✨ useful and fun to use

Transcript of David on the NBC Sports Show - April 25/17

For those who sent me messages, here ya go!  :)

Note 1: I shortened the questions.

Note 2: Is it just me or does this guy not know how to pronounce DuchoVny?

Q: Are you doing what you went to school to do?

D: Well those programs are not really Fine Arts programs, they’re not writing programs. It’s more like studying to become an academic or a professor and teach literature rather than write it so I don’t know if it’s exactly what I set out to do as a career path, but it certainly was in the ballpark.

Q: How long did it take you to write this book?

D: Well I wrote it as a screenplay over 10 years ago and it kinda has been languishing in a drawer and I decided, after I wrote a novel called Holy Cow a couple of years ago, I realized that I could do it, that I could sustain a novel. That I could write like I thought that I might be able to. I always loved the story and I hadn’t been able to make the movie so I turned it into a novel in about six months probably. The funny thing there’s interest again in making it as a movie so it might turn into that in the end.

Q: Basically asks him if he went with Holy Cow first (which David already said!).

D: They were both ideas that I had conceived of as movies because that’s the business that I’m in. I hadn’t thought of myself as a novelist so Holy Cow was an animated film idea that I had and I decided to do that one first because it felt kind of liberating to kinda write for a younger audience. I felt like I wasn’t being that serious or maybe I might escape some harsh judgement. You know with the fact that I was writing in a genre that might not be taken as seriously as literature and then the Bucky effin Dent was always one of the favorite stories that I have ever come up with. I had the screenplay in a drawer not the novel. Turning anything into a novel from another form is not as simple as it might seem so it did take a while and it grew and it became somewhat different story in the transformation from screenplay to novel.

Q: What did you like so much about making this story?

D: Well you bring up the point. It is set in ‘78 and the charade that Ted the son is able to do for Marty the father which is kind of create this news bubble around him where if the Sox lose they can fake a newspaper or he’s got some tapes on VCR of the Sox winning that he can fool his father. Now obviously in today’s world that would be an impossibility, but when I started to actually think about the nuts and bolts of how and if this guy would be able to fool his father, luckily for me 1978 was the first year that VCRs came out on the market so Ted has a prototype of the VCR and when the Sox lose he’s able to put in a different tape of the Sox winning so that’s how he tries to save his father. But obviously at some point the dad figures out what’s going on and his health deteriorates. There’s a couple of reversals and turns that gets them to the playoff game and the final out and Bucky effin Dent hitting that fateful home run.

Q: How do you feel about what people have said about your work?

D: That particular book was reviewed very well so you know I tend to not read reviews of acting or anything that I do. I prefer not to read reviews, but in the book world it’s kind of a smaller publicity world than obviously movies or television so it’s really review driven so I was interested in reviews hoping that I would get some good reviews so that we could then alert some other people that it was getting good reviews, etc. So I was happy. I was happy that people seem to get what I was trying to do and they were moved by it. My intention in writing the screenplay first and then the novel was to… you really write an old-fashioned book or movie to where you’re moved to laughter and tears. I think that’s the story that I set out to write.

Q: Which one do you do best of the three? (Act, sing or write)

D: I don’t know. I’ve certainly acted longer, or I’ve probably written longer than any of it. But you know, they all come with different sets of challenges. I’d say with music that I’m probably the least developed of any of those things, but then again that brings with it the excitement of learning new things, of being a beginner so I don’t know what I’m best at. I think I enjoy doing them all.

Q: This guy’s got no problems. He’s made it. His life is complete. Am I wrong?

D: Well I mean, it depends, you know. In many ways life is complete but I just- I don’t wanna see it that way. I just see it as, you know, those were like seasons as an athlete, a job that I had. We had a good year, a bad year. But to me life is really about trying the new things and it’s not something about proving myself, but really enjoying myself and continuing to express myself. I also have a family so that completes my life in a completely different way. I’m grateful for the successes I’ve had and yet it’s still fun to try new things and even failure can be a great teacher.

Q: What do you want people to take away from the book.

D: I’d like them to laugh out loud and I’d like them to cry at certain points. I’d like them to have an experience.  Baseball is like… My own son is gonna be a better player than I ever was. He’s got a rocket for an arm. He’s a pitcher. It’s a way to talk about other things, it’s a way to talk about stuff, but communicate and spend time. It’s just kind of a wordless… it’s a long game. It’s a game of silences and it’s a game of lulls. It’s not action-packed. It’s like bursts of action. So there’s a lot of time to talk in between. Even like when I was in high-school, and this was before call-waiting even, this was like when you monopolized your one telephone line, I remember watching a ballgame with a buddy of mine, him on one phone in his apartment in New York and me in my apartment, two hours on the phone mostly silent just watching the game and making the occasional comment. With baseball you can do that.


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What's up friend?

Up is a 2009 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film[3] produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Pete Docter, the film centers on an elderly widower named Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) and an earnest young “Wilderness Explorer” (a fictional youth group similar to the Boy Scouts) named Russell (Jordan Nagai). By tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78-year-old Carl sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and complete a promise made to his late wife, Ellie. The film was co-directed by Bob Peterson, with music composed by Michael Giacchino.

the ladies of hogwarts '78

A set of musings on the girls of Hogwarts during Lily’s years. I know that there’s probably no way all the women of the Order went to Hogwarts together but thats all the names jkr gave me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this intentionally does not have a conclusion, as the stories of the girls of hogwarts are not even a little bit complete.


• emmeline vance was a hufflepuff. muggleborn. she came to hogwarts the year before lily evans. she had long, dark, thick brown hair that reached all the way to her knees by fourth year. lily swears she used it as a blanket when classes were too cold. she came back to sixth year and had chopped all of it off to her ears. she wrote letters home in portuguese, and still occasionally tripped over english when doing her homework.

• emmeline grew up collecting bubblegum cards with her papa. together, they had over ten thousand cards by her eleventh birthday, organized neatly in binders sorted by year. papa was so excited for her when they found out she was a witch. she brought him his very first chocolate frog card, with nicolas flamel featured. by the time she graduated, her chocolate frog collection was the stuff of legends.

• marlene was lily’s roommate, along with dorcas. marlene was a halfblood, muggle mum and wizard dad, who bonded with lily on day one over their shared affinity for muggle gel pens. dorcas felt very left out these first days, but eventually joined their trio when marlene saved the last cheese pastry for her at breakfast one morning, dorcas’ favorite breakfast food. marlene noticed small things like this.

• marlene would send small gifts to dorcas constantly, especially after they got together. seashells from the holiday to the beach marlene took with her mum and sister. wildflowers pressed from her backyard. bottlecap keychains she made with her little sister one day. dorcas kept all of them in a small chest with a photograph of the two of them.

• alice was a couple years older than the gryffindor trio. a ravenclaw. she was the school’s dueling club champion in her fifth year. she really could send the quickest jinxes of anyone in her year. just ask caradoc dearborn, who made fun of her haircut one day and found himself on the bad end of a stinging jinx one day that left him with welts on his cheeks for a month.

• alice hated flying. preferred to keep her two feet firmly planted on the ground, a trait she would one day pass unknowingly to her own son. she would go out and support her quidditch team with the rest of course, perfectly content with two feet on the bleachers and securely sat next to frank.

• dorcas was straightforward, blunt, a ‘take no shit’ sort. (she was one of the only ones, besides the potters, to be killed personally at the hand of voldemort.) she spoke up, loudly, against injustices she saw. she wanted to be a journalist, to write about racism and blood purism and all of the other injustices she bore witness to during her years at hogwarts.

• she was a much quieter counterpart to her girlfriend, who laughed loud and cried louder and felt every emotion with the passion it deserved. dorcas sometimes felt as if her feelings were inadequate, as she seldom cried and only laughed if it truly deserved it. marlene would remind her that she was more passionate than anyone she’d ever met, and directed her passion towards something worthwhile rather than every petty emotion that came her way.

• andromeda never quite made it to the order, but defied her family and the standards she was held to in her own strong, quiet way. ted, whose father was an american immigrant hoping to escape segregation, taught her muggle blues music, and she would spend her nights with blind lemon jefferson and ray charles between her ears.

• she took her tea with cream and no sugar, ate scones with clotted cream from devonshire and only a small bit of jam, and rarely ate dessert. she rarely had sweets, and would never waste her time on chocolate frogs or cheap, mass produced sweets from the trolley.

• lily, in contrast, loved sweets. she had her scones with extra jam and only a bit of clotted cream, would save up her money all summer to spend on train trolley sweets, and probably kept a bag of chocolates in the dresser by her bed for rewards when she actually managed to do her studies.

• lily was brilliant, wicked smart, and the worst procrastinator of the gryffindor girls dorm. she could write an essay in a night if she needed, so why bother starting when it was assigned two weeks ago? she turned in assignments late more than once a month and often stayed up til the early hours of the morning writing that transfiguration essay she forgot all about. she charmed copies of every essay she’d ever written, filed and organized by subject, and would reuse essays as often as she could get away with it. (this always worked with slughorn, mcgonagall not so much.)

• mary macdonald had sensory processing disorder (though it went undiagnosed until she was well into adulthood, as the disorder was not thought of as such for many years) .she was sorted into gryffindor in lily’s fourth year. marlene, whose adhd was accompanied by its own slew of sensory difficulty, learned to recognize when things may be overstimulating for mary, and became over time a sort of safe place for the younger girl.

• mary loved to draw. she sketched constantly, mostly in pencil, and learned in third year via a clever charm from lily evans how to animate her drawings. marlene, who mary looked up to quite closely, kept one of mary’s drawings pinned to the wall above her bed.

ive lived in japan so long i keep my a/c at 80 (or 26c). the fucking japanese government conditioned me into believing that anything less than 80 is too cold and that 80 is perfect condition for a/c. what. the. fuck. the me fromm 6 years ago would balk at this. i have it set to 78 right now and im freezing. 


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A group of about 50 or so White and Non-Black POC held a highway shutdown protest on 35W heading towards University Ave in alliance with Black Lives Matter ❤️ they made signs and were peacefully and silently protesting police brutality toward the black community.

Drag me, but I thought it was sweet. Their bail has been set at 78$. 41 people were arrested.