General Tip: frozen vegetables

Ready diced frozen vegetables are a no chop, quick, cheap and widely available way to get vegetables in your diet. Since they are frozen, you also don’t have to worry about them spoiling if you don’t get through the bag quickly.

Adding a handful or two to things like pasta sauces, soups and curries works well. They also make a great healthy side to pretty much every lunch/dinner if you boil them with a stock cube (vegetable or meat flavour, both work fine) to make them taste a bit nicer.

Supermarkets generally have a few different varieties so you can pick what kind of vegetables you want to go for too.

For UK people, Tesco has a 1.3kg bag for 89p (68p/kg), Sainsbury’s Basics is 1kg for 80p, Morrisons is 1kg for £1 and ASDA is 1kg for 77p. (From supermarket websites)

When the Day Met the Night Part 2

The sun smiles. It is summer.

She is beautiful. Her hair like a living thing, it’s colors constantly shifting like fire, unaffected by gravity, as it floats freely in a corona around her face. The Aurora Borealis flows under her burning skin, and light spills from her golden eyes. Glowing orbs, they have their own gravity that draws you in. Her lips are a perfect burning eclipse. Freckles like sunspots dot her face, and her voice is ancient. Her dress is spun from sunbeams, but anyways – summer.

On this particular day, she was sprawled in the garden of heaven, in the shade of an umbrella tree, by a set of filigree tables and chairs, the kind you might see at a café or a museum. A popular bestseller lay open on her lap, as she sipped from a glass of ice tea with lots of lemon – just the way she liked it. Her eyes were shut in bliss, as the surrounding trees grew at an amazing rate from her light.

The waning Moon walked past (remember him?) He has grown worse since we last saw him. His breathing is the last gasp of the tide as it goes out, forever yearning for the embrace of the shoreline. His limbs are heavy with sleep. But then he saw the Sun lying there with the book in her lap, and stopped. He sighed then, and it was like waves crashing over rocks, a broken sound. Who was she?

Sun opened her eyes at the sound, and they stared at each other. Sun’s wide amber eyes filled him with new life, and his hair turned light once more as he smiled.

Moon walked over to the Sun, his smile full again, and whispered with his voice like the sea. So he said, “would it be all right if we just sat and talked for a little while? If, in exchange for your time, I gave you this smile?”

And the Sun smiled back, her voice is the rush of solar wind, so she said, “that’s OK, as long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart, or leave me all alone in the summer.”

So they walked together, with the Sun leaving a trail of flowers wherever her light reached, and the Moon’s footprints in the sand to mark their passage.

And so it came to pass, that in the middle of summer, the day met the night, and all was golden in the sky once more.