Summer Projects

Just wanted to take a few minutes, and share with you what we have been up to this summer.  New projects galore!

First and foremost, we are wrapping up our first summer at the Reality Factory, our happy new home and HQ.

It has been great having a steady stream of folks coming in from out of town, from Chicago to Canada, you never know who is going to stop by.

We got the Handybikes buyout completely moved.  This was a 4 year long project, and now the sorting will continue for another 4 years..  Hopefully not that long. It took about 9 Semi trucks to get it all moved.  We could not have done it without all the help of the Columbus moped crew.

Since we are now housed in a RF, we keep thinking and dreaming up new parts to make the Moped Life a little easier.  Our big project, the Puch E50 Super Clutch is out and about, and has been a huge hit.  The Minarelli V1 Superclutch is next.  Here is a sneak peak of our V1 Prototype:

We have also had our own House Brand Pedal Crank Arms made, a bunch of colors with a curve that helps clear custom pipes.

The Reality Factory originally was a Pattern making shop for casting Aluminum. This got us thinking, and our first cast in Kalamazoo, and finished here in shop product is this simple but useful Puch ZA50 riser:

We are taking what we learned from this, and you can keep an eye out for more cast in Kalamazoo parts. 

Moped Life gear keeps rolling out.  We have a new hat, and koozie, not super significant to keep your bike running, but sure is fun.

One of our favorite projects thus far this month is The Rally Pack.  A handy little bag that can go either on you, or your Moped/Moto/Bicycle.  Made in the USA, this bag is really handy to toss your phone into if you are riding in the rain.

Finally in fixing up the software that runs the web part of our whole business, we have been working on making it clearer and more informative.  We launched a mobile experience for all you smartphone junkies.  It will load automatically for you if you go to 77 on your handheld device, but the URL is m.1977mopeds.com.  An app is coming soon!

We also updated our customer service area, so you can more easily reach us.  That is over here.  Keeping up with demand has been a struggle all summer, and we know it.  We are working on all the bottlenecks constantly.

Garage is getting a major upgrade in the next few days.  It has taken about a year of development, but man is it exciting. 

Our Engine Services are getting a major overhaul as well.  Our in-house motor Guru Chris Paz of Paz Performance got a sick job at a Startup in SF working on cutting edge electric scoots.  This coincides well with our new home, and we are proud to be bringing our motor builds back to good ole Michigan.  This will give us better control over the process, and faster turn around times.

There was so much more, but maybe I should post these updates monthly. 

Thanks so much for the love and support.  We have the best jobs in the world, and are happy to share the passion of mopeds with you.

Daniel Kastner