Clement Mle 1903 pistol

Manufactured by Liégeois armourer Charles Ph. Clément c.1903-1908 in Belgium - serial number 7733.
5x18mm Clément - originally Charola y Anitua - 8-rounds removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic.

An early semi-automatic pistol, similar to the FN Browning 1900 in some ways. Its descendant the M1907 will do away with the Clement cartridge and adopt the .25ACP and .32ACP rounds.

The 5mm Clement cartridge was a Mauser pistol copy much like the Charola y Anitua pistol, but was not well stabilized in flight. As such it tumbled a lot, but this somehow didn’t impair the pistol’s sales.


very rare LIP R873, the ”Newman-Lip” in NOS condition. This 36mm chronograph is an exceptional beauty with it´s late 60´s, early 70´s design and also regarding the subdials that you may know very well from the iconic Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman”. This watch is one of a very few new old stock pieces that appeared on the market over the last years and may have been rebuilt from a french watchmaker that bought an nos storage of original LIP parts in the 70´s (a rumor says so). In any case you will find exactly this version also published in the LIP book. The LIP France engraved Valjoux 7733 runs absolutely perfect in all functions. This watch comes with a nice cordovan racingstrap and including the original box.

this watch was sold!


160220_035_5D3_7733 by Shinsuke ODA