Ruby was an adorable rabbit client of mine who wanted to live a nice quiet bunny lifestyle in the countryside. She said she loved all things white and fluffy because they made her feel safe, so I built her home inspired by the white fluffiness of a rabbit’s tail. <3

She also has a little bunny burrow to hide in underground!

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Materials for the renovation of scenic Old Guadalajara’s city streets, adding new sewers, wiring, wireless, and fancy brick tiles on top for future citizens and tourists, downtown Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on Flickr.

Hey Look, A Lady Who Sexually Abused Her Sister Will Speak At The DNC!
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made room in the Democratic National Convention speaking line-up to include grievance monster and Girls star Lena Dunham, a woman who once bragged about sexually abusing her sister. Hillary must have strategically fixed her line-up of speaking mothers she's using to propagate an anti-cop sentiment to fit in Dunham. Now they can include an anti-man sentiment, too!

DSC_7719 by nk Daiki

Monteregian Hills

The strange blue and white circles in the picture below are part of a group of unusual rock formations east of Montreal, Canada known as the Monteregian Hills. This astronaut photograph shows a striking contrast between the snow-covered hills made of igneous rock and the surrounding fertile agricultural land.

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