77 inches

Claes Oldenburg
Three Way Plug, Scale A (Soft), Prototype in Blue, 1971.
Wood, naugahyde, rope, metal, plexiglass; 144 x 77 x 59 inches (variable). Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa; Coffin Fine Arts Trust Fund.

Thomas Houseago is vanguard in his approach to sculpture’s original subject, the human body. Utilizing mediums associated with classical and modernist sculpture—such as carved wood, clay, plaster, and bronze—as well as less traditional materials like rebar and hemp, Houseago builds monumental figures rife with the traces of their making. 

 Happy Birthday to artist Thomas Houseago born today, April 12th in Leeds, England. 


Image: Thomas Houseago, Algol Head, 2015, tuf-Cal, hemp, iron rebar, and redwood, 77 × 20 × 19 ½ inches (195.6 × 50.8 × 49.5 cm), Plaster original, edition of 3 + 2 APs, Photo by Fredrik Nilsen

Sonic, Silver, and Shadow all have the same height and weight, which is 3 feet, 3 inches, 77 lbs

However, Shadow is immortal and doesn’t age, which means one day, he’ll be shorter and younger-looking than Sonic, Silver, and the rest of his friends for that matter

And if you want to add a sad twist to it, he’ll be alive long after all of his friends are dead