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Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO of Fox News, dead at 77, report says

  • Roger Ailes, the former chairman and CEO of Fox News, was reported dead Thursday by his wife in a statement first posted to conservative news site Drudge Report. He was 77 years old.
  • “I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger Ailes, passed away this morning,” Ailes’ wife, Elizabeth Ailes, said in the statement. “Roger was a loving husband to me, to his son Zachary and a loyal friend to many.” Read more (5/18/17)
Fire On The Mountain
Grateful Dead
Fire On The Mountain

Live at Barton Hall - Cornell University (May 8, 1977) 

“Long distance runner what you holdin out for?

Caught in slow motion in your dash to the door
The flame from your stage has now spread to the floor
You gave all you got, why you wanta give more?
The more that you give, why, the more it will take
to the thin line beyond which you really cannot fake

There’s a fire
Fire on the mountain”

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12 and 77 for the asshole best friends

12. He’s dead.
77. Um… somebody broke that.

I both hate and love that I coined an analogical term. Okay, let’s get into it.

Logic does have emotions, but it’s rare that he will show them, especially to the extreme, and especially positive ones.

It makes sense of course. He doesn’t personify emotions. He personifies rational thought. However, nothing is completely set in stone. Anxiety has a few small dreams. Patton worries about things, and Roman, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, is capable of practical thought.

Despite Logan having emotions, however, there has only been one time the other sides saw him laugh for more than a second.

They had all been in Morality’s little corner of the mindspace having a movie musical marathon. It was rare that all of the sides weren’t isolated from each other. It was even more rare that they did something enjoyable together.

They had been watching the producers. A laugh out loud kind of musical comedy. Anxiety had been commenting with Logic the entire time on how stupid it was and how this kind of scheme would never work in real life, but secretly both had been enjoying it.

During the particularly funny ‘keep it gay’ scene, Anxiety mumbled something about stupid queer stereotypes and went to the kitchen to get a soda. Logic, despite himself, was smiling. Anxiety was right. There were plenty of horrid stereotypes playing themselves out here, but the comedy. The comedy was genius. He had to appreciate it.

Maybe that’s what primed him for what happened next.

Anxiety walked out of the kitchen, and as he did, he tripped over his own feet and landed directly on the side table, breaking it and spilling soda all over the other sides, but mostly Logan.

They all stood there frozen for a moment, and then Anxiety stood up awkwardly and said “Patton, um… somebody broke that,”

A small stifled laugh was heard. Roman and Morality and Anxiety looked at the soda-covered teacher sitting on the edge of the couch.

He was giggling. Logan was giggling.

Slowly the laugh built. It got louder and louder until Logan couldn’t hide behind his hand anymore. He clutched at his sides and gasped for breath, managing out barely distinguishable words as he did.

“You… soda, Anxiety, idiot, ohmygosh”

He continued laughing and grew red in the face and eventually fell off the couch clutching at his sides, which were starting to hurt horribly.

“Can’t.Stop. AAAHAHA!” Logic cried out.

“He’s dead,” said Anxiety. “I’ve killed him,”

Logic slowly pulled himself together and took a breath with a couple of small outbursts still sneaking through.

“No Anxiety. I am not dead. Heh. Sorry for that emotional outburst,”

And that was the only time any of them ever saw him really truly laugh.

Roger Ailes, Builder of Right Wing Sexual Harassment Channel, Dead at 77

Roger Ailes, the disgusting, bloated, lecherous, fear mongering former head of Fox News has died at the age of 77. Known for his tenure as the CEO of the shittiest T.V. channel in human history, Ailes used his 24 hour conservative yell-a-thon to help create the current political climate in which a moronic real estate mogul and reality T.V. abortion is president of the United States. Fox News broke the story of his death, and the hosts who hadn’t already left the channel because of the rampant culture of sexual harassment Ailes fostered, offered their condolences. Ailes is survived by his wife, son, and several pending lawsuits for sexual misconduct. 

A really lovely 1934 Rolls Royce 20/25 Gurney Nutting ‘Owen Sedanca ’ three position Drophead Coupé. These 20/25s had a 19 inch shorter wheelbase than the standard Phantom which was 150 inches. They had a much smaller 3.6 litre straight six rated at 25 tax horsepower. The body was approximately 15 feet long so considerably smaller,lighter and more 'sporty’ . 0-60 took 31 seconds and top speed was about 77 mph. Sounds dead slow to stop now but it was reasonable back then and of course the roads were even more abysmal than they are now. I know, it seems unlikely .

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