If you’re spreading anything about Jongdae, just imagine him sitting there with the rest of EXO laughing and in his hands he’s holding a big bowl of ice cream. He’s about to put the spoon in his mouth when all of a sudden someone tells him he’s trending online- and for what.

Suddenly, they all stop laughing. Jongdae slowly puts the spoon down, without it touching his lips. Suddenly, he doesn’t feel so good. His stomach’s hurting, he tells the rest of his members. They all watch him as he drags himself into his room and locks the door. He takes a deep breath and takes out his phone.

Just imagine his face darkening with each tweet and each photo he sees of himself. Just imagine his heart clenching when he sees the things his own fans are saying about him. Just imagine him feeling sick to his stomach, waiting for a phone call from his manager about this. Just imagine him sitting there, swallowing, unblinking, trying to look away but unable to stop the mentions and the articles and the comments popping up in his name second by second. He’s already sitting there, trying to come up with an apology, an explanation- something, anything. Imagine him sitting there, regretting things that he, as a human, is entitled to. Things he should not have to apologize for. Things he should not have to feel guilt for.

Don’t do that to him.


Chanyeol - 160925 Instagram account update: “오늘 받고 신나서 하루종일 차고다님 #왠지소속감이든다 #어른이된기분”

Translation: “I received this today and was so excited I wore it all day #For some reason I feel a sense of belonging #The feeling of becoming an adult”

Credit: real__pcy.


Kaiso <3 <3 How cute!!