‘7685 Frames of Netherlands’, A Charming Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Video of Dutch Cities

You know how stupidly happy that one scene in Story For Steven made me where Greg says that Rose will probably need a larger t-shirt and goes and gets one for her?? And nobody made a big deal about that??? Like, I have never seen a show openly acknowledge that some people can only wear larger t-shirt sizes without making some sort of fat joke about it. But SU just goes and says ‘she’ll need a bigger shirt size’ and leaves it at that. Like it’s just a simple fact of life.

I know it’s such a small and seemingly insignificant thing, but it made me so happy because I honestly have never seen a show act so normal and non-detrimental about a character not fitting into a medium shirt size. It’s just unheard of.

This show is a blessing and it makes me feel so happy about myself with every little thing it does.

7685) I'm a lesbian and it's so ironic how I've always found curvy (and even chubby) women much more attractive/sexy than the thin ones. And at the same time, I feel like I'm so fat and need to be as skinny as possible. What's wrong with me?

Oh my god, it was amazing. I’ve never been to a protest before and I was really nervous, but it turned out really well! The cops didn’t teargas or arrest us or anything. They followed us around in their cars with the lights flashing and the sirens blaring, but they didn’t do anything. We walked around all of downtown Dallas and at one point, we climbed up onto the freeway and blocked it. If you see a picture of a wall of protesters blocking the freeway with a stopped 18-wheeler right in front of them, that was us.

Unfortunately, not everything turned out perfect.

The police asked us to get off the highway and we peacefully agreed and got off. However, we were tailed by a group of “anti-protesters” who were all white, some of them wearing guy Fawkes masks, who were there solely to cause trouble instead of peacefully protest. They got back on the highway and blocked two lanes of traffic for like 20 minutes. And now the media pretty much lumped us in with them and is blaming us for that bullshit.

Besides that though, the protest turned out really well. I took a lot of pictures and videos and I’ll try to post them tomorrow.

Wow okay I have to talk about this with Texas convention goers for a second

I made a note to myself a while back to buy my badges for AFest and All-con before the end of the year while they’re at their cheapest prices. But the other day when I finally sat down to order them, I started thinking about how fucking ridiculous the contrast is between a well-run con and a poorly-run con.

Let’s take AnimeFest Vs. All-Con.

AFest is an extremely well-run convention with 22 years under their belt. They’re massive, almost as big as A-Kon, and yet they still manage to stay in control of their crowd and be extremely well-run. AFest is a con that has earned the right to charge $50 for a badge. they’re well worth that price. If I had to pay $50 for a badge for AFest, I would.

But what do they actually charge? $25 at the start. You can get your full weekend badge for AFest for $25 right now.

All-Con has less than half the years of experience AFest has and is quite literally the opposite in everything I just described. They’re incredibly tiny and cramped, and every year that I come back, it’s even more out of control than the last. And for such a small convention, it’s amazing how poorly-run and out of control it is.

And what do they charge for badges? At their cheapest price right now, it’s 50 fucking dollars. You heard right. All-Con has the gall to charge 50 fucking dollars when they’re hardly worth half that amount.

Fucking amazing.

And on top of all that, even if you don’t get a badge, you can still attend AFest, You can’t go into the dealers room or panel rooms, but you can still walk about the con floor and experience the general con atmosphere. All-con on the other hand? You can’t even be there without a badge. And they enforce that shit like crazy. I’ve seen people kicked out of the entire second floor for not having a badge.

All-con is too full of itself and I am not buying a badge this year. Fuck All-con.