1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names Prompt Challenge

This is a prompt challenge @suddenclarityharry had the inspiration for after reading some of the feelings described in the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names.  Participants pick a random number between 1 and 1000 and have to use the feeling described to write a short fic in a week’s time!  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Week One
(7) The snug feeling when you’re sick in bed and everyone feels sorry for you and waits on you hand and foot. (36) The Envy of abilities you don’t need and honestly don’t even want, but when you see certain people with them, their devastating ease and and casual matter-of-factness means you can’t help admiring them, so much that you just want to cry. (134) The pleasure of uninhibited trash-talk. (209) The panic that someone else might have gotten this brilliant idea long ago and soon it will make him rich. (391) The embarrassment of using the word midget in front of a dwarf. (463) The joy in your work. (497) The wicked glee when know-it-alls mess up. (598) The anger that it had to start pouring right now. (672) The worry that everything’s already been said. (732) The Awe before the original of a famous painting.

Week Two 
(4) The shame at your own schadenfreude. (77) The impatience at having to listen to someone blather on and on. (113) The relief at being over six feet tall. (220) The sense of oneness with yourself. (246) The panicky fear of arriving late. (560) The Enjoyment of briefly withdrawing your affections. (812) The pride of getting to show off shamelessly in front of your favorite uncle. (820) The self-satisfaction of clearly being the only person in the world who never uses those stupid smileys. (823) The Desire to sleep with that total stranger up there, right this moment.

Week Three 
(28) The Amazement at how far some people come with no talent. (116) The Pride in your sore muscles after the hike. (126) The Euphoria after Victory. (132) The Contrition over the fact that old people disgust you. (314) The Superiority of appearing for a meeting in a perfectly fitted suit. (361) The Fear of your life imploding. (373)  The Thrill of Anticipation before spilling a secret. (421) The Happiness of being found again in the crowd at the open-air concert. (500) The Passion for speed. (738) The Fear that you’re taking a much too casual approach. (955) The Worry whether you turned off the burner.

Week Four 
(6) The ready-for-action feeling after getting a new haircut. (109) The happiness of sitting together at the window and simply looking out. (128) The delight at the soft hum of colorful little pinwheels in the garden. (311) The dismay at dialing the wrong number three times in a row. (555) The satisfaction in your own perspicacity. (678) The fear of saying the wrong thing. (684) The pride in your father. (777) The hope that fate will lend a helping hand.

Week Five 
(31) The pity for a broken toy. (121) The fear of a Chinese invasion. (186) The exasperation at your own cowardice. (627) The dread of your own hotheadedness. (768) The surprise when someone is unexpectedly accomodating. (911) The hope that this void within you will fill again.

Week SixNow Posted!
(224) The hesitation before sending an important e-mail.  (651) The malicious pleasure when your co-worker’s girlfriend calls to ask why he isn’t heading home yet. (813) The bitterness that you missed a lifetime opportunity and didn’t even give it a try.

Week Seven – Coming Soon!

Thank you to @suddenclarityharry for organizing and to @a-writerwrites, @letsjustsee, @becomeawendybird, @londonfoginacup, @icanhazzalou, @allwaswell16, @phd-mama, @flamboyantommo, @jaerie, @iflovewereall, @hazzabooween, @dimpled-halo, @thesexyasswoman, @lipssogoodlarry, @fuckyeahhansonfamily, @loveislarryislove, and @all-these-larrythings for participating!  Credit to @londonfoginacup for the banner.

OTP Idea #768

Person A, the resident punk of the school and Person B, the ultimate goody two shoes get paired together for a class project. Person B reluctantly goes along with the pairing, thinking A won’t do much work. Person A however is head over heels for Person B, and takes every chance they can to work up to A’s standards.


Love Live! 1366 x 768 Backgrounds

Cool Girls - Eli, Maki, Umi & Riko, Yoshiko, Dia - Swimsuit & Pool Part 2  Sets
Smile Girls - Honoka, Rin, Nico & Chika, Mari Hanamaru - Cheerleader & October Sets
Pure Girls - Kotori, Hanayo, Nozomi & You, Kanan, Ruby - Yukata & January Sets

Wall stuff part II

A .psd file containing the skirting + ceiling friendly coving I’ve been using on my newer walls. I also updated the bases I made a while back to use the new skirting. Gotta have everything match :3 

They come in while only and are to be used on walls that are 256 x 768. Making walls this size means they will not be compatible for mac users. If you would like them to be, simply make your walls then resize them down to a height of 512 with constrain proportions unticked. This will make them look squished, but that will be corrected in-game.


~2017 Bullet Journal and Planner~

Hi everyone! A lovely anon asked if I could post the inside of my Typo planner that’s been floating around the studyblr sphere (768 notes :O) but I’m actually going to be using a two planner system this year, so I decided to show you guys this as well! I’m still in the process of decorating it, but here’s a peek inside :D

I’m going to have a separate bullet journal that I use for whole year planning and habit tracking, as well as various other lists like a careers to do list, assessment weightings and a list of things to revise. I’ve tried to make it look cheerful, because this year might not be ^^”

I’ve digitalised the cover (which I made myself using some origami paper I picked up in Japan back in 2010), so now I can just print it off whenever I need to! I’ll upload it and update this post with the link to download the printable ^__^

Here’s the monthly view - I’ve colour coded my placements this year by ‘mild’lining each week that I’m away. For May, I’ve got Red Eye Clinic and a placement down at the Australian College of Optometry in Melbourne. Decorated with lovely succulents and washi tape of course ^__^

Here I’ve got a weekly view, appropriately striped with the relevant placement colour. I’m going to be using this for day-to-day homework tasks and other chores that I have to get done, and I’ll also be adding a song of the day. I have tried Typo’s day-to-a-page planners before, but found that I didn’t need the space. Decorated by some watercolour gemstones that I’ve hand painted ^__^ 

As well as that, here’s a look at my future log/yearly overview/not sure what to call it. I had a look at other systems and nothing really seemed to suit what I needed or had enough space to accommodate all the assessment tasks and due dates. So, I decided to make a weekly breakdown roughly based around the 6-8 week rotations we have in 5th year. Luckily, it split fairly evenly and neatly when I divided it into 8 :)

I’m also going to be habit tracking this year. I first identified a list of around 21 habits that I wanted to track. Then I grouped and narrowed it down into target areas:

  1. cups of water (the only numerical one)
  2. sleeping early and waking early (as opposed to a set number of hours)
  3. exercising half an hour in the morning and afternoon
  4. no junk food, eating healthy meals with lots of vegetables :)
  5. completing homework/assignments, and studying/revising
  6. morning and night skin care routines
  7. no arguments with my parents and doing the chores

Except for cups of water, these are all two-fold habits.

  • So I am going to use a forward slash /
  • or a backwards slash \ depending on which one I complete,
  • with a full cross X indicating that I did both that day.

Wishing everyone the best with their studies for the year ahead! Thanks for being such a welcoming community!!




Wanna Be

length: 1,768 words

genre: fluff

summary: you and wonho have been “a thing” for awhile, but you desperately just want to make it official

a/n: y/f/n stands for your friends name; I honestly love writing for wonho cause I think secretly I’m in love with him (sorry jooheon), but I feel like everyone secretly or publicly loves him haha

Originally posted by vitunkpoppi

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all to myself: vlog 3

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | 3 | on-going

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