Through the quirks of Sabo’s character, his core is made up of his concern for the well-beings of everyone surrounding him.  The first time that we see him a while is helping the citizens of Dressrosa.  He might have noble blood in him, but he has made it clear that he resents all of that.  He doesn’t stand above anyone.  

The contrast between ASL’s goals is something to really talk about.  He was never made to be a pirate like his brothers.  He wanted to travel the world and write about it.  Maybe we should have someone like Sabo in our modern day world.  He has no dreams of finding One Piece or to prove himself to anyone.  Being a revolutionary gives him the ability to travel the world (maybe not at his own pleasure) but he’s going to the places that matter.  The places that have been broken by a corrupt power.  And he’ll record them to create a book that will be spread over generations.  

He knows how powerful words can be which is why he picks his words carefully.  He knows that there’s nowhere safe left but gives the people some form of hope through his words.  They’re welcome to take it however they want to.  

I got the inspiration for my little snippet from a meta that someone already wrote.  Think of mine as more of an extension of theirs.  I would like to do something more extensive in the future.