7641) I wish people would stop turning EDs into fashions or a way to "get thin quick so that you can look cute for a guy." It's so utterly pathetic and disrespectful. In addition, it is now all at the cost of people who actually are struggling with ED. An eating disorder will NOT make you happy, popular, unique, or beautiful. It will steal away your life, your hair, you brain, and your mind. I promise you, "trying to get" an ED will NOT solve your temporary problems. So... Just stop.
Were the World Ours (Chapter 4)

Title: Were the World Ours (Chapter 4)

Genre/Rating: Multi-chapter AU; expect a bit of everything; PG for now

Total Word Count: 7641/??                                            

Summary: Year ten theatre nerd Dan finally musters up the courage to try out for his school’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. But who is the blue-eyed unknown that’s been mysteriously cast as Puck? (AKA the one where magic turns the whole town gay.)

A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! Chapters should come more regularly from here on out. Oh, and there is interaction in this one! Be excited and let me know what you think! :)

CHAPTERS - OneTwo, Three


The weekend was gone way too fast, as weekends tended to go, but Dan had one definite to look forward to. This week he strode into rehearsal with his shoulders rolled back and his mouth relaxed into an easy smile. There were a few people milling about the auditorium, putting down their bags, chatting, flipping through scripts. Though Dan was tardy to nearly everything else, he got no small sense of satisfaction in seeing that even Ms. Alexis hadn’t arrived yet.

Another quick scan of the room found Carrie sitting cross-legged on the stage. Catching Dan’s eye, she waved him over.

Dan opted to ignore the steps on either end of the stage, but quickly regretted that decision once he tried to vault over the three meters of wooden platform and was left awkwardly straddling its side. There was something to be said for getting to know his performance space, but this was excessive. He swung his leg over and half-crawled the few feet to Carrie’s side.

“Happy Monday!” she chirped, giggling at him a bit. “Have a nice weekend?”

“What could possibly be happy about Mondays?” Dan was a little bit winded to be honest, and grateful that she wasn’t commenting. “But yeah, mostly uneventful, you?”

His weekend had been spent drowning in Mario Kart, coming up for air every so often to stuff his face with candy and crisps until the typical Sunday night homework frenzy. Friday had been more eventful by far. Arguing with Carrie that Macbeth was absolutely crazier than Hamlet. Analise suggesting Lear as a solid third contender. Chris adding that “Goneril” was ripe for a baby names comeback. Letting Analise steal his chips.

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My Sunshine

Description: (Technically based off a prompt that was posted on phanfic, but since I was the anon who sent it in, still kind of my idea too? Whatever it’s confusing.) Dan has an anxiety disorder, and struggles with it his whole life. When he goes to meet Phil, he hasn’t told him, and has an attack while in the train station.

Warnings: Description of blood, major character death near the end. There’s a shooting, so also guns and a kind of hostage situation. (also it’s 7747 words- buckle up motherfuckers, you’re going on a long ride)

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