One more Sunday Gunday with Brownells employee Duncan H. “In 2010 three buddies and I heard about Mosin-Nagant surplus rifles for sale at a local gun store. We piled into a truck and went to look at them. We all walked out of the store with a Mosin each. I think it is pretty cool to own a legendary historical rifle. My M91/30 is a bolt-action 7.62x54R with a 5-shot internal magazine made in a Russian factory – either Tula or Izhevsk – in 1936. It’s estimated that Tula and Izhevsk together made about 14 million of these rifles between 1930 and 1936.

All the different stampings on the rifle have kept me busy researching what they mean and each tells a unique story. I’m astounded by how much information enthusiasts around the world have gathered on Mosin-Nagants, and I really enjoy seeing people share their personal experiences in restoring them. I took my first mule deer in the Sandhills of Nebraska with my Mosin-Nagant using the iron sights. Yes, it kicks like a Moscow Mule – no pun intended!”