Yong Ju Lee

His works keenly focus on the geometric experiment as a primary creative and aesthetic gesture of building when information becomes essential from conceptual process to actual construction.

1.  Dispersion 1 is designed for restoring part of narrow-gauge train at one end and being melt into its surroundings at the other. Visitors can experience restored train from dispersed memories as well as the train in the memories melting into the park. This gives people new perception in space and time, who have its memory or not. They can guess the physical train size in history by walking through it. Whole parts are made of one material - stainless steel, which makes strong contrast to nature in park with reflection. By its surreal dispersing figure in the air, Dispersion 1 also provides visual rhythm and whimsy to surroundings.

Dispersion 2 is designed for restoring Su-in narrow-gauge train like Dispersion 1, but inside seats. This railway was 762mm wide and people have diverse memories its narrow interior. The quality of railway and railbed was not good enough and riding was not comfortable at all. Standing passengers had experienced hard time from shaking. Besides, facing seats are so close to let one person walk through barely. Visitors can experience its impressive narrowness. At the same time, sitting old woman’s figure brings up the past atmosphere.  

 As a part of a series with Dispersion 1, Dispersion 2 allows unity to environment of Su-in Line Memorial Park.

2. Seat is composed of approximately 300 simple wooden chairs arrayed and stacked in a sine wave surface drawn into an agitated vortex rising from the ground.