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McCree, Reaper, Soldier, Lucio, watching you die but luckily Mercy brings you back

A/N: Angst, but with a happy twist, how nice! I’ll try to oblige accordingly, though it might be a little difficult since it’s almost 3am and I’m tired. There’s one more request in the inbox besides this one, but it’s about a video that I need to watch, so I’ll write it out tomorrow.


  • You were a little too adventurous on the battlefield and took a shot to the stomach, but McCree’s close by. He calls Mercy over on comms, but she can’t be there immediately. He’s not a medic, but he’ll do what he can to stop the bleeding. His normally suave self will begin to unravel as he realizes that he can’t help you, tears begin to run down his face. He’ll angrily keep calling for Mercy over comms, desperate for her help to keep you alive, while trying and failing to maintain his composure for you. He’ll keep telling you it’ll be okay, but the lack of sensation in your body begs to differ, and he’ll eventually just start cradling you in his arms. Your breathing is shallow by the time Mercy finally gets over to you, everything is just a haze through your eyes, though you can faintly make out McCree’s emotional gestures. You shut your eyes for a moment, giving it to the cold embrace that gently caressed you, before being ripped back to the warmth of life. You can make out the determined look on Mercy’s face as your vision begins to clear, her staff standing nearby, it’s beam enveloping your body. McCree’s pulled you back into a hug before you know it, sobbing like a baby as he embraces you, happy that he didn’t have to say goodbye to you. He promises to keep you safe from here on out, you won’t go on a mission without him at your side.


  • Reaper isn’t exactly on friendly terms with Overwatch, though they needed every gun they could get for this mission. If Reaper went, then that means you went too. The two of you were a team, on and off the battlefield. You’d take the brunt of an explosion, shrapnel would be embedded in your body, Reaper’s ethereal form kept him safe from the blast. He’d clear out a safe zone before checking back in on you, surveying the damage done. The wounds are deep, and there’s nothing he can do to help you, his powers only work for him. He’d call for a medic, his focus back on the battle, distracting him from thinking about your injuries. He looms over you as you bleed out, weighing the option of taking your soul while you pass on, carrying you with him wherever he goes. He simply apologizes as he crouches beside you, holding your hand as you begin to slip away, your grasp slowly beginning to loosen. He’d roar at Mercy once she arrives, demanding that she saves you, pointing a gun at her head almost habitually. After she diligently works to bring you back from the brink, he’d simply nod at her as he watched you regain consciousness. He’d demand you stay put until the job was done, disappearing into the fog, the distant screams of his victims announcing his arrival.

Soldier 76:

  • Soldier has a biotic field, but that’s only for minor injuries, anything too serious and its effects are heavily diminished. He’s by your side the entire mission, and refuses to leave you when you get hit. He’ll drag you behind some cover, leaving his biotic field beside you to numb the pain while he covers your position, demanding Mercy to get over there immediately. He’ll glance over occasionally while he covers you, his visor hiding his concerned face. People with wounds like yours don’t usually make it back in one piece, and it’s not looking good. He’s desperately trying to clear the area, Mercy can’t work if she’s being shot at, but that means he can’t help you himself. Pulse rounds continue to rain as he fires away, their rhythmic sounds the only thing you hear as you drift away, the biotic field doing little to keep you in one piece. He’ll question if Mercy can save you when she arrives, still covering your body despite your passing. He silently lets her go to work, desperately hoping that she can save you. Your long inhale when you awaken is all he needs, he places a hand on your shoulder before mantling over the cover, intent on finishing the fight so that you’ll be safe.


  • Being a support Lucio’s used to keeping people alive, but there’s only so much his healing beats can do. He’ll try to mix things up to heal you more, but even he has his limits, and he’s asking for assistance the moment he realizes he can’t save you. Watching you bleed out is heart-wrenching for him, and he’s in tears before he finishes his call for help. He’ll try tinkering with his music, holding you close, doing anything he can to slow the process down while Mercy arrives. Eventually he’ll come to terms with the fact that Mercy won’t be there in time, and shifts to making the process as comfortable for you as he can. He’ll play your favorite song as he cradles you in his arms, crying gently as you slip away, your smile fading as your eyes shut one final time. Mercy arrives soon after and immediately goes to work, performing surgery in the field while Lucio provides assistance. Through some sort of miracle she manages to pull you back to the world of the living, and Lucio couldn’t be happier. He pulls you into a warm embrace, thanking Mercy profusely as he refuses to let go of you, staying by your side until the battle is over.

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Do you ship Reaper 76 or Mchanzo if so could you write some fluff about them just being gay around the OverWatch base and for McHanzo maybe pulling some pranks Maybe even throw in some Genyatta

A/N: I support every ship so long as it doesn’t fall under a taboo subject, (Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality), but every other ship is fine. I’ll try and write some short stuff down below for those ships.


  • The pair of them will be mostly professional when they’re seen together, they each know to put work ahead of pleasure. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some flirting between the two, even if it seems like angry yelling to an outside observer. That’s how these two dead men get each other a little rowdy, there was a lot of love and hate back when they were Reyes and Morrison, and it’ll certainly carry over to Reaper and 76. If they think no one will notice, they’ll be holding hands from time to time, but will vehemently deny it if someone confronts them about it. Pretty much everyone in Overwatch will know that they’re a thing, but they all pretend they don’t know so Reaper and 76 can pretend to be the worst of enemies in public, they can’t help but humor the two old fools. At night things will calm down a little bit, they’ll be a little warmer to each other in the privacy of their quarters. Officially Reaper stays in Reyes’ old quarters, but he’ll spend just about every night in Morrison’s with 76 provided he isn’t away on a mission. There’s some cuddling at night, they each need all the body heat they can get, and 76 almost always gets up first to cook breakfast for the team but mostly for Reaper.


  • McCree’s pretty childish despite his age, he acts a decade younger than he really is, so he fits right in alongside Tracer, Lucio, and surprisingly enough, D.va. They’ll rope him in on pranks from time to time, occasionally they’ll quite literally use a rope to drag him along, he is a cowboy, after all. Once he and Hanzo got together he started to spend less time with them and more time alone with Hanzo, watching sunsets and having intense drinking competitions relaxing sake parties. Now Hanzo isn’t nearly as childish as McCree, despite their similarity in age, Hanzo acts like a fifty year old man, much to McCree’s chagrin. Before he met the suave cowboy, he’d never think to play pranks on anyone, such foolish activities were left to his brother Genji, it was beneath the elder Shimada. Get a few drinks in him though, and he’s quite a bit more open to McCree’s silver tongue, and the gang is more than happy to accommodate Hanzo on their prank runs. Hanzo’s the only one quiet enough to put those googly eyes on Genji’s visor while he’s asleep, and McCree is an excellent shot with a water gun. Hanzo swears that he won’t go on those adventures with them ever again, but he lies every time.


  • Genji and Zenyatta are almost inseparable, though they can function without one another just fine, they do prefer each other’s company. Zenyatta helped Genji through a rough time, and while he finally came to terms with who he was, it was finding out who Zenyatta was that intrigued him the most. They each have learned a great deal from the other, finding their strengths and working on their weaknesses. The sense of tranquility they have when they’re together is indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced it first hand, it feels as though the very world itself is at peace. They’re without a doubt the most relaxed couple at Gibraltar, there isn’t really a couple that comes close to their level of relaxation, and they somehow almost seem to know what they’re each thinking. A bulk of their time is spent meditating, or even simply talking to one another, any time spent together is time well spent. Every morning they’ll go sit outside and meditate before breakfast, working their friend Bastion into the mix, he does wonders for attracting birds to the meditation grounds.