Rich Single Dad Gabriel with all his misfit children looking for a live in nanny for them, and desperate to be off the farm Jack winning the job. It’s only when  “Jack” and even “Nanny” has been replaced with “Daaaad” that Gabriel realizes the flimsy boundaries he set up in the first place have gone to seed. But Gabe isn’t that idiot who creates a scene when somebody who loves his kids takes good care of them. He’s not a fucking moron, okay?

Besides, it’s not like Jack is ~stealing~ anything from him. Jesse decreed him to be ‘Pa’ from the first hour he adopted him, and all the kids since have followed his example. And, well, Jack is hot. And always cooks Gabe dinner even though that’s not in his contract to do. Jack might also have slowly taken over all the household repairs too. It’s a lot like having a stay at home spouse, really. Minus the sex of course.

And, hell, it’s not like Gabriel has the TIME to be dating anyone that could be jealous of Jack’s relationship with his kids. What time that isn’t taken up by his profession he spends with his kids. Because Gabe is a good dad, okay?

But then Jack’s parents are demanding he come home and help out on the farm. Or maybe one of Gabe’s business associates is trying to steal Jack away. And, like I said, Gabriel isn’t stupid. He might not have realized how much he liked Jack’s company, but he knows how to get him back home where he belongs.

Sure, it’s been a while since Gabe spiffied up and went courting, but he can manage. He’s still hot. He’s still rich. He still knows how to sweep a stupidly fit, blonde, boy scout off his feet. And if he doesn’t, well, he’s 90% certain he can get all his kids to give Jack the puppy dog eyes over it.

I just saw Moana, and I absolutely loved it! So, anticipate my next couple of requests to be influenced by the soundtrack.


• It’ll be difficult to sneak up on this man, even if he is asleep.
• He will hear them enter their shared room, but pretend to still be asleep.
• S/o often gets upset when they wake him, though it’s near impossible not to.
• He’ll listen to them shuffle, change, and drag them self into the bed beside him.
• They snuggle him and he doesn’t stop them, happily contempt with sharing his love’s warmth again.
• Falls asleep again after they’re out.
• It’s the best he’s slept in the past week.

• Is a light sleeper, but it is possible for him to be so tired that he won’t wake up until he’s ready (or until his alarm goes off).
• This is one of those times.
• As soon as his alarm starts, it’s turned off.
• It’s then he feels a familiar body reaching over him, then coming back and settling at his side.
• He works his eyes open, looks to his side, and laughs for the first time in the week that they’ve been gone.
• He rolls over and encases them in a warm hug.
• They chuckle and tell him to go back to sleep.

• When this boy is out, he is OUT.
• He has the oddest sleep schedule ever; it makes absolutely no sense.
• So, when S/o comes home at 3:27 pm and Junkrat’s passed out, it’s no surprise.
• They lie down beside him and he immediately latches onto them.
• Jamison is 110% a heat sink.
• He wakes up ready to do whatever he has planned, and notices that someone’s in his arms.
• Tries to be as quiet as possible as he shifts and decides that, “whatever,” can wait.