75th street


(A/N): This idea popped into my mind the minute I started watching Iron Man. I needed to write this down. Oh, Tony, my baby. I just love him so much. Enjoy!

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader

Warning: angst-y, bit of language, not that sad as it might look

Words: 3500+


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               Everything was terrible – the Avengers team fell apart, Pepper broke up with him before the whole Civil War happened and now, he was all alone in this gigantic, crowded world. The tower never felt emptier like today. He was standing alone in the massive living room, his hand hidden in pockets and his dark brown eyes were glued on the people that looked like ants from the perspective. At least the world was peaceful and saved – for now. It’s been weeks since he used the newest prototype of the Iron Man suit.

               After a deep sigh, he decided to go outside and take a long walk. Maybe the people would approach him to take a photo or talk to him, or not. For the first time, he admitted how lonely he felt. Some attention wouldn’t hurt him and there was always a possibility he would meet someone – it could be Natasha, who was hiding, or Sam, Steve? Of course not, they were on the run too.

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Nothing quite prepares you for the view of New York as you come over the Brooklyn Bridge; the twinkling lights behind thousands and thousands of windows, the skyscrapers presenting themselves to you like toys in a shop window, so much life crammed into so little space. The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Centre, the Beekman, the Waldorf-Astoria…your eye travels from one to the other but all too soon you’re overwhelmed. You cannot separate them. They merge together to become one island, one city. Every time you return you will be amazed. But the first time you will never forget.”

—  Anthony Horowitz
You Belong to Me- Chapter 1

Rating: M
Words: 2109
Pairing: Kristanna
Summary: WW2 AU. When Anna immigrated to America after fleeing a war torn Norway, she imagined exploring a whole new world of skyscrapers and taxicabs. Falling in love with the grumpy, yet sweet cab driver was the last thing she expected… but as the war grows larger, eventually reaching America’s shores, Anna finds herself having to say goodbye far sooner than she thought.



Notes: Based on this artwork/synopsis.

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The San Remo apartment towers. 145-146 Central Park West between 74th to 75th streets. The luxurois 28-story twin-towered apartment building was designed by Emery Roth in Italian Renaissance style, and built between 1929 and 1930.

Photo: Wurts Brothers.

Source: Stern, Robert A.M. Gilmartin, Gregory. Mellins, Tomás. “New York 1930. Architecture and Urbanism between the Two World Wars”. New York. Rizzoli. 1987