Swiss return ancient cultural objects to Egypt

Switzerland has returned 32 cultural treasures dating from the Pharaonic and Roman periods to the Egyptian Embassy in Bern, the Federal Office of Culture announced on Monday. The objects had been involved in a cantonal criminal procedure.

Four of the pieces are of exceptional rarity, cultural significance and aesthetic quality. These include a bust of a pharaoh wearing a crown, a fragmented stone slab (known as a stele) depicting the patron goddess of Thebes from the era of the New Kingdom (circa 1500−1000 BC), and two architectural fragments with cult scenes from the Roman period (circa 753 BC to 476 AD). 

The objects were returned to Egypt in conjunction with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Federal Act on the International Transfer of Cultural Property. Read more.

helpful hint: this history post is based on Roman tradition - the date (as many other ancient events) is subject to controversy.

On this day in 753 B.C., twin brothers Romulus and Remus find Rome where they were sucked by a she-wolf as orphaned infants.

NATM Discussion - Sexuality in Ancient Rome and how it affects Octavius

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In the movies, Octavius is I believe based off Gaius Octavius (also known as Augustus), though he could also be based off his father, Gaius Octavius (yes they share the same name), but this is not important. What is important is their era of the Roman Empire (753 BC-476 AD).

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Another 5 Italy Facts

* The Alps / Dolomiti mountain range form part of Italy’s northern border, and for a long time protected the peninsula from invasion.

* Italy has three active volcanoes: Vesuvius, Etna, and Stromboli.

* Next to Rome, Milan is the 2nd-largest city in Italy.

* Italy has over 3,000 museums.

* Rome was founded in 753 BC. Before it became a republic and an empire, it had 7 kings. The first king of Rome was its legendary founder, Romulus.

On This Day In History~ April 21st

753 BC; Romulus and Remus found Rome

Romulus and Remus as historical figures, would have been born around 771 BC. They were purported to be sons of Rhea Silvia and Mars, the god of war. Because of a prophecy that they would overthrow their great-uncle Amulius, who had overthrown Silvia’s father Numitor, they were, in the manner of many mythological heroes, abandoned at birth; in this case, on the Tiber River by servants who took pity on the infants, despite their orders. The twins were nurtured by a she-wolf until a shepherd named Faustulus found and took Romulus and Remus as his sons. Faustulus and his wife, Acca Larentia, raised the children. When Remus and Romulus became adults, they killed Amulius and restored Numitor. They decided to establish a city; however, they quarreled, and Romulus killed his brother. Thus Rome began with a fratricide, a story that was later taken to represent the city’s history of internecine political strife and bloodshed.

Rome was Founded 100 Years Earlier than Thought

It has been reported that new archeological finds have pushed back the age of Rome. A team of archeologists discovered the remains of a wall built to channel water, which dates back to the ninth century BC.

Media attention has focused on the fact that the dating is significantly earlier than the traditional idea that Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC by the twins Romulus and Remus. With Rome due to celebrate its 2,767th birthday, the timing makes for a particularly good story.

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2014/04/rome-was-founded-100-years-earlier-thought

Ancient Vanishings: The mysterious and supernatural disappearance of Romulus

Two twins, Romulus and Remus, famously founded the city of Rome in 753 BC, and Romulus became the ruler of the city and reigned for 39 years. According to legend the two were sons of Mars, the god of war, and they were saved and brought up by a she-wolf. But on July 7, 714 BC, while he was in the temple of Vulcan to give some instructions to his senators, Romulus disappeared without a trace.

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