helpful hint: this history post is based on Roman tradition - the date (as many other ancient events) is subject to controversy.

On this day in 753 B.C., twin brothers Romulus and Remus find Rome where they were sucked by a she-wolf as orphaned infants.

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What if Italy is the oldest? That's what I hc personally, but it's cool to have people with different views ^-^

Technically, if we’re talking nation wise the Japanese empire has been around for centuries more than Italy (Italy is a child of another empire, Japan himself is an empire. While Rome was the one to give life to Italy and his brother, Japan was one of those nations that was born on their own) 

The first known inhabitants of Japan date back to around 30,000 BC

Rome was founded 753 BC, Italy and Romano would have happened sometime later 

And we have lil baby Germany, Founded in 1871 (By the way Hima’s comic perceived it, Germany was born when the German states and Prussia combined into one empire) 

By literal years it goes Japan, Italy, and Germany 

BUT, honestly, human au you got a free range 

Germany and Italy go by 20 years old and Japan keeps his age hidden for some reason lol 

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