Eos Timeline - Ages Edition (Contains SPOILERS)

I wanted a timeline with more information about Luna and other characters’ ages around the game’s events to give it more perspective, so I did it by fusing the info in this post HERE, plus the ones given in Brotherhood/Kingsglaive/FFXV/Ultimania guide (big thanks to superespresso + thetwilightmexican and zukarevue translations!) /Anything I come across to be honest.

I thought that maybe someone may find this useful too, but I did this mostly to back my fanfic ideas with some accurate lore.


M.E. 606 - King of Lucis erects a magic wall around the kingdom.

M.E. 706 - Regis is born.

M.E. 711 - Cor is Born.

M.E. 722 - Ardyn joins Niflheim. (Regis: 16 y/o, Cor: 11 y/o).

M.E. 723 - Magitek soldiers’ mass production begins, with Ardyn’s help.

M.E. 724 - Cor joins the crownsguard (13 y/o).

M.E. 725 - Niflheim introduces Magitek soldiers in battle.
- Prince Regis (19 y/o) takes part in the battle with Niflheim on the front lines. Cid, Clarus, and Weskim fight alongside him.
- Lucis forces retreat from battle against Niflheim.

M.E. 726 - King Mors reduces the wall to just around Insomnia.
- Around this time hunters discover the Tempering Grounds while on a separate expedition.
- Cor (15 y/o) fights Gilgamesh and loses. Regis is 20 y/o.
- Around this time Nyx is suspected to be born.

M.E. 728 - Galahd starts it’s 18 years of peace (Nyx suspected age is 2 y/o).
- Ravus is born.

M.E. 729 - King Mors dies, Regis (23 y/o) is coronated King.

M.E. 732 - Luna is born, Gentiana joins the Nox Fleuret.
- King Regis (26 y/o) marries Aulea.

M.E. 736 - Noctis is born, Luna is 4 y/o, Nyx is suspected 10 y/o. Regis is 30 y/o, Cor is 25 y/o.
- Prompto is born in Niflheim (In a lab? From a person? Both?? Is kinda vage, we just don’t know).

M.E. 737 - Prompto (1 y/o) is adopted by the “Argentum” family in Lucis.

M.E. 740 - Ignis (6y/o) is assigned to Noctis (3 y/o).
[Note: Because of the 3 year gap between the two, this event must have happened between Feb 7th - Aug 30th of that year].

M.E. 741 - Noctis is chosen by the Crystal (5 y/o), Luna is 9 y/o, Regis is 35 y/o.
- Regis founds the Kingsglaive.
- Iris is born.

M.E. 744 - Noctis is attacked by a Daemon (8 years old), goes to Tenebrae for treatment.
- Luna meets Noctis, she is 12 Years old.
- Noctis meets Gentiana.
- Niflheim attacks and conquers Fenestala Manor, Queen Sylva of Tenebrae is killed. Ravus is 16 y/o.
- Noctis tells Ignis about the dessert he ate in Tenebrae.

M.E. 745 - Giant Shiva awakens. Noctis is 9 y/o, Luna is 13 y/o.
- Shiva tells Luna about the covenants.
- Gigant Shiva is defeated by Ardyn/Niflheim in Groves Valley.

M.E. 746 - Niflheim attacks Galahd.
- Ardyn contacts Drautos.
- Is believed that Nyx joined the Kingsglaive around this time. He is believed to be 20 y/o.
- Gladio starts working for Noctis. He befriends Noctis after Iris’ incident. Iris is 5 y/o, Gladio is 13 y/o.
- Noctis starts training with Gladiolus.
- Noctis is 10 y/o, Luna is 14 y/o, Regis is 40 y/o.

M.E. 748 - Prompto (12 y/o) saves Pryna in Insomnia, Luna contacts him and he begins his quest to befriend Noctis.
- Luna enters her first covenant with an Astral.
- Lunafreya becomes the youngest Oracle in history, at age 16. Noctis is 12 years old.

M.E. 749 - Ignis starts training to join the Crownsguard (15 y/o).

M.E. 751 - Noctis moves to a new apartment, outside the castle (15 y/o). Luna is 19 y/o.
- Prompto starts to hang out with Noctis.
- Gladio formally joins the Crownsguard (18 y/o).

M.E. 752 - Ignis formally joins the Crownsguard (18 y/o).
- Noctis gets the Engine Blade from King Regis as a present for his 16th birthday.

M.E. 754 - Gladio gets his scar while protecting Noctis from a drunken Lucis’ citizen. Noctis is 18, Gladio 21, Luna 22.

M.E. 756 - Noctis recieves the Audi R8 Star of Lucis as a gift for his 20th birthday.
- Noctis Leaves Insomnia to attend his wedding ceremony in Altissia (20 y/o).
- Insomnia falls. Nyx is believed 30 y/o, Luna is 24 y/o.

— Start of FFXV —

I may edit this in the future as more info is released/confirmed. Let me know if you see any inconsistency :)

Edit: Added year of Gladio’s scar. More info on Ardyn, Regis, Cor, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Iris, Nyx, Ravus, Luna and Gentiana.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings (pt. 1)

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x YouTuber!Reader

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles,  Misha Collins… Mentions of David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and Gabbie Hanna

Word Count: 752

Warnings: Angst… kinda

Summary: Jared Padalecki, costar of Supernatural, had been divorced for two years and his way of coping is watching Y/N L/N, a vlogger on YouTube. Not necessarily for the content, but for her. When Jared won’t suck it up and talk to her, his best friend Jensen takes matters into his own hands

Notes: This was a request from @sassyspn67. I decided to make it into a mini series with a couple of parts so I hope you enjoy part one! Request are still open guys so ask away.

The request was:

Sassyspn67: HEY I LOVE U, AND YOU BLOG AJDKDJSK  So I was thinking maybe one with Jared Padalecki where the reader is a youtuber like David Dobrik, with blogs and stuff (if u dont know him i would kill u, and the u would have to watch him) and he just can’t stop watching her, so he tweets and ajkdnxjdind.  This would be one where he is divorced (i love gen 💖) and bakdhakxnid.  Ps: but seriously, watch david dobrik vlogs now 🔥  I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF REQUEST ARE OPEN AAHHAHAHSHDUSHDHKSFOSNFJ *dies*

Series Masterlist | Masterlist 

Happy wouldn’t be the word to describe how Jared was feeling, it was too simple a word. He was enveloped in complete euphoria, he was ecstatic, the muscles in his mouth never stopped forming a smile. Any mention of your name made him forget every worry. Your voice made him feel safe during the scariest moments of his life. How he wished he could to talk to you.

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Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Pairing: Grayson Dolan x Reader

Word Count: 752 words.

Warnings: None.

Summary: Basically it’s your birthday and Grayson and Ethan has a lot of surprises for you. 
A/N It’s my birthday. I turn 18 today and I just had this idea inside my head that I had to write. 

Originally posted by dolanslife

“Babe, what are you doing?” you ask watching your half-naked boyfriend walking around in the apartment. 

“Nothing,” he says, “I didn’t know you were up. Happy birthday.” He hugs you tightly placing a kiss on the top of your head. 

“Thank you,” you say hiding your face in the crook of his neck. He’s so nice and warm, it makes you want to cuddle up in bed. But you know Grayson has some stuff planned for you to do so you start getting ready. When you get out of the shower, Grayson has somehow managed to make a massive breakfast table put together. There are fresh berries, waffles, toasts and loads of fruits. 

“This looks amazing. Did you do it yourself?” you ask with a smile. 

“I had a little help,” he admits wrapping his arms around you from behind. A knock on the door interrupts your little moment and you walk over to open. 

“Delivery,” someone says but all you see are a massive bucket of your favourite flowers. Ethan pops his head out from behind the flowers making you laugh. 

“Happy birthday!” he exclaims hugging you. Hugging him back you notice the massive teddy behind him.

“Is that for me?” you ask with a grin. Ethan nods and you attack the bear. “I love it!” It’s so big and fluffy and it’s all you’ve ever wanted. 

“Holy shit, E. I didn’t think it would be that big!” Grayson says laughing. You hug it tightly and press it through the door. Immediately you head to the bedroom so you can put it on the bed where it belongs. 

“I think I’ll call it Alfred,” you tell them as you eat breakfast. Grayson and Ethan just laugh. 

“You’re 18 now. Aren’t you supposed to be an adult?” You shake your head laughing. You’ll never grow up entirely. Sometimes a childish view on life is needed. After breakfast, you clean up and Grayson and Ethan blindfold you before taking you to the car. 

“Can I really not see where we’re going?” you complain. It’s pitch dark whenever you open your eyes because of the blindfold. 

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew where we’re going!” Grayson laughs intertwining his fingers with yours. 

“I sure hope it’s Ethan that’s driving.” Grayson laughs even harder at that. At takes two hours to drive there but you’re so happy when they take the blindfold off. 

“Are you doing this as well?” you ask Grayson looking a bit concerned. You know he doesn’t like heights. 

“Of course! We’re all doing it.” You look up at the tower where people are currently jumping out. It’s a bungee jump place and you’re so excited. Ethan goes first because you want to see it before actually doing it. Then you go and it’s the best feeling ever. 

“Good luck,” you whisper placing a light kiss on Grayson’s lips before he jumps. You can tell he loved it when he comes back up. After that, you drive for another hour before you can take the blindfold off.  

“You’re kidding! Are we actually doing this?” you ask looking at the two tall men. They give you both their most handsome smile before you head inside. 

“I’m such a big fan of your art, Romeo,” you say a bit awestruck. You’ve had this tattoo in your head for two years now and you’re actually getting it done now. You start talking about what design you want and where you want it. After two hours it’s all done and you couldn’t be happier. 

“Thank you so much!” you say hugging them both. After that, you head to your favourite restaurant for dinner. 

“This has been the most amazing day ever,” you say hugging them both again once you’re back at the apartment. Ethan wishes you a happy birthday one last time before he heads off to sleep. You and Grayson stay up a while longer. 

“Thank you for today,” you say with a yawn growing more and more tired by the second. 

“You’re welcome. It’s my way of thanking you for being the best girlfriend a guy could ask for,” he says with a smile wrapping his arms around you. 

“I am pretty great, aren’t I?” you laugh and Grayson starts tickling you. 

“Stop! Please, stop. I surrender,” you say laughing. He throws you over his shoulder and carries you to bed. Once all cuddled up under the duvet you feel your eyelids get heavier. 

“I love you, Grayson.” 

“I love you, too.”