Q: Are you a boy or a girl?

A: I’m an Ugly girl. Though My preference is Agender. But Do whatever you want with my gender, kids. 

Q: How old are you? 

A: Probably older than you. 

Q: Are you Single?

A:  No….?? Yeah?? Its complicated 

Q: Sexuality?

A: I’m polyamorous/Aromantic . 

Q: Can I kiss you?

A: I don’t see a problem with that. go for it. 

Q: What Program do you use? Via Tablet? 

A: I use Medibang Paint Pro / And / I use a Desktop mouse . 

Q: Why haven’t you answered my ask? 

A: I currently have 752 Unanswered asks. It has probably already been asked or I haven’t found the time to properly acknowledge.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t eventually Answer! Please don’t resent the same ask, I Have a busy life and Don’t want to deal with another thing on my list! Be patient. 

Q:How tall are you? 

A: 5 foot 11 inches. 

Q: Can i draw your OC/ AU characters? 

A: YES! YOu can! But Please tag me , i love Fan art!!

Q: Why haven’t you noticed my art? 

A: The main reason is that My Notifications get littered with Likes and Reblogs that Its impossible for me to see or you haven’t properly tagged me ! 

Message me and I’ll Love it to death. 

Q: Can i use your art for Video/ Icon / Profile / Muse reference? 

YES! But Credit me! 

Q: What is your NSFW Account??

A : ( Link )

Q:What is your Favorite Color? 

A:Teal / Second Favorite is Pink. 

Q: Can I give you Love ? 

A: I’m a huge bitch and fail horribly when it comes to Romance, but if you’re referring to Platonic love. I have a lot of that to give. 

Q: Can we be romantic? 

A: Sorry. I actually really. Just. I can’t . I really don’t want to do anything romantic, but I keep pushing myself out there. Please understand I’m a mess. 

Q: How Can i be more successful with my art? 

A: Well, firstly. Acceptance. Learn to love your art ! Also Be open to mistakes ! Never compare yourself to someone else! Play around with different styles and techniques. Overall, Just enjoy what do you and take plenty of breaks ! 

Q: Can i add you on Personal Accounts? 

A: No. Not At the moment. But ask me and I’ll give you my RP account/Skype.

Q: Can I get to know you Personally

A: You wouldn’t like me if you did. 

Q: Why Don’t you message me back?

A: Most likely got lost  or I felL asleep. 

Q: Am I annoying you if  sent you messages everyday?

A: No. Not really. Just don’t Push yourself On me and we’ll be cool. 

Q: Hate Question. 

A: I’ve seen worse

Q: Are you done school?

A: Yep. 

Personal Questions. 

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