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Susanne Stemmer (b.1973, Austria) - Under Water Season II

After successful shows of Susanne Stemmer‘s series Under Water in Paris and New York, her new series Under Water Season II is shown at Wide Painting Paris from 2nd April to 31st May 2015.

Specialised in underwater photography, the artist examines the changes that human beings experience after their immersion through the surface. The characters illustrated in her works are free and boundless as soon as they immerse. A physical freedom with the imaginary loss of gravity as well as mental freedom, abandoning their image having the feeling nobody is watching them - finally being able to release themselves from all conventions and drop the mask they are wearing in society. An inner journey begins into a world we rediscover ourselves, a dream world, photographed and still resembling an imaginary painting.

“…in my first series, the girl was quiet and easy, a little fairy in a different world… - my new series, Under Water II, is as I see it a lot more powerful - the woman is a lot stronger,she’s an elegant warrior and princess, powerful and relaxed at the same time…”

Susanne Stemmer - Under Water
Wide Painting Gallery
- 17 rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris - 02.04 - 30.05.2015
© All images are provided courtesy of the artist

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