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some people say that you should take your medications, but I (an expert) recommend ancient Greek self-care routines, such as

  • rolling a boulder most of the way up a hill until it rolls down again
  • standing neck-deep in water with fruit hanging above your head, but not eating or drinking anything
  • strapping yourself to a flaming wheel and just rolling around
  • using jugs to fill a cracked tub; or using sieves to fill a normal tub, depending on your preference
  • having your liver eaten by vultures

I know transitioning is expensive af on top of normal life which is expensive af and while clothing isn’t always talked about as a transitioning expense, I actually feel like it’s one of the more important things, especially for guys who have just came out and started dressing more “masculine”. I know starting your wardrobe over is a pain. Groupon is an awesome place to buy cheap clothes if you’re not looking for anything specific


read all of this before doing anything btw–

i really badly wanna do an animatic of the entire bmc musical. idk how long it’ll take but i have the motivation atm.

however,, i know i’ll give up on it in like. half a minute, haha.

so!! that’s where i’m asking for your help!!

if i get 500 notes, i will do my best to get at least to the first three songs.

if i get 750 notes, i’ll finish act 1.

if i get 1,500 notes, i’ll do the entire musical.

if i do end up doing the entire musical, i’ll stream the process on my channel. (twizzles, the first channel you see. it’ll also give me a bunch of motivation if you come and watch my streams ;D you don’t have to subscribe, but it helps when i know people are watching my content in my opinion)

idk when i’ll finish this if i do end up doing it. it may take till the end of the year, idk. but here goes everything…




  • My child: mommy why is my cousin called diamond
  • Me: bc your aunt loves diamonds
  • My child: what about me?
  • Me: be quiet April 25, 2017

think about it like this y'all: you’ve worked for over six years pouring your heart and soul into a project that aims to change the face of queer representation around the world. are you actually going to trust a group of people to not say anything just because you asked? this isn’t cursed child, the entire goal of this show from the beginning was to keep the fucking secret. it was DEFINITELY cut.