tv shows: yeahhh,, uh,, i’m here for the *looks at smudged writing on hand* gltb thing?? yeah, we totally got you,, but um,, i left a casserole in the oven at home,, promise i’ll come back, for real, totally;:,,

books: lgbt characters? those are over there, through the Infinite Forest of Generic Dystopia. good luck though, few have ever made it out alive!

podcasts: fuck u guys, here’s 7 aroace characters, 5 genderfluid characters, 37 bisexuals, 54 healthy wlw relationships, actually everyone is lgbt sorry we don’t make the rules!!!

The trailer once again reminding everyone that Jon Snow is a fucking Stark. Y’all dummy bitches are calling him Aegon and Targaryen and shit…but homeboy is just as much of a Stark as any of his siblings and y’all are going to see real quick where his loyalties lie when shit hits the fan. Y’all are going to see who exactly are his priorities then.

at this point i feel we should be keeping a list, so here’s some iconic things taliesin’s said, add your own if you like:

  • mister satan dude! we are totally ready to serve you!
  • you kill us, we just come back gayer.
  • life’s short, do something to a bagel.
  • [angrily tearing pages out of a hardcover special edition of the wicked + the divine to make a torch] if this is the last copy on earth….i will kill you.
  • [after ashley takes a bite out of a dead cat] we so would’ve hung out.
  • [D&D is] such a great way of experimenting with who you wanna be, and what kind of person you wanna be, and just a little safer than just getting drunk at the Rocky Horror Show like we used to in the 90′s. I’m gonna sit here and find out who makes out with me and that should help me figure out exactly what I like to do.
  • there’s a way of not giving a fuck about what people think, but giving a fuck about people
  • make people deal with you, but make sure dealing with you is always a positive and kind experience
  • i’m the weird unemployed uncle who seems happier than everyone else despite the fact that he lives in a garage.

SIGNAL BOOST!!!! This is what’s happening in France right now. Highschoolers arrested in a terrifying way, head against a wall, because they protested against Macron’s policies. Video filmed by a police officer (who is very much NOT allowed to film teenagers without their consent). The officer you hear in the video says “Voilà une classe qui se tient sage”, which means “That’s a class that’s behaving.” Since the protests began, police violence became terrible especially against highschoolers - literal children. 700 highschoolers were arrested in France today. A teen is still in coma after a police officer shoot her with a flashball earlier this week. This is what Macron’s governement looks like.