Hop on top of the cringe train it’s a face reveal of moi! I like this photo bc I’m wearing my overalls eeee! They’re so comfy!
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I think sometimes record labels buy followers for the artist. They're ghost followers and most people know. It's not a big deal and that's why imo most don't make a big deal of having 75-100 million followers because everyone knows sooo many are fake accounts.

i thought insta cut down on that.  Like what exactly would selena or taylor gain from having 99M followers vs say 80M. Esp taylor when she does not do ads. Advertising is no good if its just going to accounts that dont exist.

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75 followers before september- I’ll enter a competition and sing primadonna Bill, whether I get in or not I’ll post a recording

1000 followers before september- same thing except with Thomas writes sins not tragedies

I’m in an auditioned choir. And I’ll have to sing these straight faced.
The things I do for my art career man.

i love only following like 75 blogs and only having 54 followers bc i get through my entire dashboard from the day before in like 15 minutes.

plus it feels close knit. my family. you know.


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“i found myself as a meme boys it’s time to pop that champussy”

I can’t believe mummy is a right winger

@dixbie-floppin how dare u even insinuate i feel like this guy^
(he has a point tho bc I swear like 75% of my new followers and people who’ve liked my page and stuff have been very alt-reich)
but rly did u think the name YEEHAW FOR COMMUNISM GAMERS was sarcastic?? is this why u kept wondering if i was gonna get mad when u talked about communism???

10 days and 75! new followers later, the group picture to celebrate the 300 is finally done. Thank you all so much!

I want to give a special shout out to my Ora-Bros  @ask-star-platinum & @notsodailystarplatinum​ ! I love you guys! You are amazing♥♥

I hope in the future Star get’s to interact with more awesome people like you!

Below are all the muses from top left to bottom right (more or less). I really hope I didn’t forget anyone >_<

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Today was supposed to be a 2.75-mile run, following my slow return plan. I was just cruising along and when I looked at my watch I was at 2.91. Well. I could have stopped at 2.95, but that would have just been silly. So three miles it was.

I was just running easy, so I guestimated that I was probably running a 12.20 or so. The 12.01 pace was a pleasant surprise.

No running tomorrow or Saturday, unfortunately. I’m hoping to squeeze a four-miler in on Sunday.

Arima’s Handiness: TGre 75

This is a follow up to the meta I wrote last week about Arima’s Handiness [Read Here

I am still not sure if that psychological analysis makes any sense. If it does, though, it would be interesting to investigate Arima’s Handiness in this chapter.

Through out this chapter, Arima has been viciously attacking Kaneki with his new Owl quinque. Of course, he was using his right hand as you can see from the panel above. Occasionally, he was using both hands to deliver a more robust attack…. all of which fits with the line of fulfilling his duty, a great feature of his left hemisphere that controls both his right body motion, as well as his sense of logic and duty. See said meta for more details.

Following what seems to be Kaneki’s defeat, Arima switches his quinque to his left hand.

Now before over-analyzing this panel… it can be that Arima’s right hand is tired. However… why didn’t Arima finish Kaneki off at that moment? It’s not like him to stay there doing nothing, while the enemy is not yet annihilated. It was the prefect time for him to finish Kaneki off…. However, he just stood there, doing nothing, while Kaneki is remembering Hide, and regaining his strength. 

If Arima’s ultimate motive is not to kill Kaneki, but capture him, based on a plot by V… again, this was the best time to do it. Yet, he did not. 

Perhaps him holding his Owl quinque in his left hand is a sign of empathy for Kaneki, as he is letting his right hemisphere take over, one more time during this dual. 

Unlike the previous chapter, where we were shown a close-up of Arima’s right eye a multiple of times, in this chapter, the focus is on Arima’s left eye. His expression is indeed different from that seen in Chapter 74. Once again, he is surrounded by loss, confusion, and hesitation, a clear sign of his emotions taking over, a feature of one’s right hemisphere. 

I do not really understand what is going on in the mind of Megane-san…. He delivered dozens, and probably hundreds of attacks during this fight, inflicting serious damage to Kaneki, who decides to just surrender… yet he does not deliver his last fatal blow…

In this chapter, following Kaneki’s ultimate fall, it would have literally taken Arima 2 seconds to kill Kaneki, after inflicting all the these hundreds of injuries, yet… 

646 times, I decided not to.

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NAME | vincent
NICKNAMES | bince, bincent
ZODIAC SIGN | cancer-leo cusp
HEIGHT | 5′5′’
ORIENTATION | bisexual
NATIONALITY | american
FAVORITE BOOK | a dog’s life
FAVORITE SCENT | pine, vanilla, hazelnut, gasoline
FAVORITE ANIMAL | grey wolves, leopards
AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS | six / seven hours
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER | bucky barnes, steve rogers, brock rumlow, lisbeth salander, crixus, ellen ripley, bones
DREAM TRIP | visiting the rainforest cafe !!  or the wyoming dinosaur center !!
BLOG CREATED | probably sometime in december ??
NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS | 75  ( my muse is trans, what’d u expect ?? )

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