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NTAMW walks away in the middle of you talking, who will not even try to listen to what your saying, except when he does and 75/100 of the time ends up contradicting your opinions/what you say. ntamw TELLS YOU "Im sorry what were you talking about? i wasnt listening/paying attention, sorry/my bad." NTAMW says those sort of things and thinks its appropriate behavior based on the sole fact that he was "honest" about not paying any attention in the first place.

He is the center of the universe and anything that doesn’t fully engage or entertain his brain is not worth his time, who cares what they have to say. Who cares that he should show compassion and sympathy by listening to other people’s thoughts, feelings and opinions some of the time.

What trash.


{ 9-5-17 } 75/100 days of productivity

A very messy starter plan for my econ IA ♥
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Roman bronze mask coated with silver. The mask has a hinge at the top, it was meant to cover the entire face but could be held up for better vision or fresh air; 100 - 75 AD.