The evolution of my Katniss Everdeen!
In total I have 9 different versions, though my super shabby reaping dress and the training outfit from The Hunges Games is not pictured, but both can be seen my in my THG parody.

My Girl on Fire journey began with my interpretation of the the book description of the 74th arena outfit (before any stills or pictures from the movie came out), and is now at the wedding dress from Catching Fire.

Katniss has been with me through many photoshoots, a national magazine cover, conventions and parodies. She’s my most cosplayed character ever, and that really is saying something!

I’m far from finished with Katniss, I still want to make some more outfits from Catching Fire, and I NEED to do the Mockingjay armor.
I think I should just set “cosplay all the Katniss things” as one of my life goals.