74th hunger games arena

hanzeedent-deactivated20160326  asked:

but a hunger games AU where all of the wives are victors and cheedo is a new tribute who becomes a symbol of the revolution through kindness!!!


No one thinks anything about her. Caesar Flickerman sees her clinging to the chariot and calls her fragile. There are other tributes who dazzle the Capitol, and everyone forgets about the fragile girl from District 12. Her mentors are grizzled veterans–one of them lost an arm in the games, and the other. Well. He was never quite right after the Quarter Quell, but his wife and child disappeared from the cameras one day and the practiced smiles stopped coming after that.

Cheedo doesn’t hurt anyone during the games. She hides from the Careers until they come looking for her, the last tribute they have to kill before they start turning on each other.

“They’re going to kill her,” everyone says to their screens.

But they don’t. They chase her through fire and water until none of them are left. The last of them dies in her arms, her wavery lullaby singing him to sleep.

“Ladies and gentleman,” Claudius Temple’s voice booms through the arena. “The victor of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.”

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