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1. If you could change your name what would it be?
Mikaela which is actually my middle name

2. Favorite superhero? why?
this is hard but I guess i’ll choose black widow cuz she’s a total badass

3. What are you doing for easter?(if you celebrate)
it’s my bday tomorrow so i’ll go 2 church and dinner probably

4. Favorite movie adaption?
catching fire. they did a really good job in my opinion

5. early riser or night owl?
night owl for sure

6. any book releases you’re looking forward to this year?
city of heavenly fire

7. favorite summer food?
all food. I love food

8. favorite place to travel to?
reno with my team

9. play any sports? if so what?

10. what was your favorite show as a child?
blues clues

My Qestions

1.summer or winter?

2. favorite book/series?

3.favorite dessert?

4.best movie u hav seen this year?


6.movie ur looking forward 2 most this year?

7.favorite band/singer?

8.what school subject do u hate most?

9.how long hav u had ur tumblr?

10.favorite kind of food?