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OMG, Fic Recs!

That’s right, fic recs! Mostly for my lovely @peeps-the-writer and her induction into the omgcp fandom!

This fic list isn’t in any particular order or restrained to one particular pairing, but please enjoy!

Cliff’s Edge by editingatwork ( @punmasterkentparson)
Chapters/Word Count: 54,586 [12/14]
Rated: E
Pairing: Alexei Mashkov/Kent Parson (Patater)
Summary: Alexei Mashkov was poised for NHL stardom, until a devastating injury ended his hockey career and all his dreams for the future. Nearly a decade later, he’s working as an escort in New York City, and is hired by none other than Kent Parson–to attend a high school reunion, of all things.
They both think the night will begin and end with the transaction between escort and client. But nothing in Alexei’s life is ever that easy.

WWBD (What Would Britney Do?) by freefall ( @dexinasnapback)
Chapters/Word Count: 11,683 [1/1]
Rated: T
Pairing: Alexie Mashkov/Kent Parson (Patater)
Summary: “Yeah, yeah, I got it, Zimms, you don’t want to see me.” Kent pushed back from the bar, mouth twisting bitterly, and abandoned his drink. “I’m not stalking you, promise.” He made a split-second, impulsive decision. “I’m here to see him.” He reached out and pulled in the nearest Falconer, not even looking at his face.“You’re here to see…Tater?” Jack asked incredulously.In the history of the world, people have probably done crazier things to save face in front of an ex. Probably.

You’re Under My Skin by angryspaceravenclaw (tumblr unknown)
Chapters/Word Count: 42536 [4/4]
Rated: E
Pairing: Alexei Mashkov/Kent Parson (Patater)
Summary: “Whatever happens I swear to all that is holy, I will never hate you,” Kent vowed. Then he kissed Alexei before the other man could promise the same thing—because Kent knew who he was, he knew what he was capable of drawing out in other people. He couldn’t allow Alexei to make a promise he couldn’t keep.The journey of Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov from draft to retirement.

Between the Hill and the River by pennyproud ( @dereknursey)
Chapters/Word Count: 12270 [1/1]
Rated: G
Pairing: William “Dex” Poindexter/Derek “Nursey” Nurse (Nurseydex)
Summary: He’s always thinking about Dex, these days; it’s like when he had gotten lost on the trains when he was home one summer, and a man had pointed to a station in the middle of the map and explained, “Everything leads back here.”He turns and sees Will cupping his hands around his mouth, whooping as one of his compsci mentors does a truly ugly two step across the stage. The sun is shining onto his hair, not through it, and he’s smiling in a way Derek never thought he would allow himself to.Everything leads back here, Derek thinks. His fingers are tingling from how Dex had filled his arms when they hugged each other goodbye.

On History and Pie by Mwuahna (@wrathofthestag)
Chapters/Word Count:2591 [1/1]
Pairing:Jack Zimmermann/Eric “Bitty” Bittle (Zimbits)
Summary: A nonathletic!Jack ficlet, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery. Will the two make a love connection?

A Little Bit Closer by Marswithghosts ( @marswithghosts)
Chapters/Word Count: 107963 [13/13]
Rated: E
Pairing: Jack Zimmermann/Eric “Bitty” Bittle
Summary: Eric Bittle’s To-Do List:

1.) Frame Masters in Library and Information Science diploma and send to Mama, because she never understood the lack of sleep and abuse of caffeine, but she sent cookbooks and money for good chocolate, bless her.
2.) Throw away every last highlighted article, graded paper, and syllabus, because they are no longer needed, thank the sweet Lord.
3.) Promote the library’s new periodic reading series, because it wasn’t the capstone project for nothing.
4.) Harass Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann into taking a picture for @BPLWestEnd to promote the reading of his new children’s book, Jacky’s Bad Days.
5.) Do not ogle Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann’s ass.
6.) Fail step five. Repeatedly.

Unravel Me by annundriel ( @annundriel)
Chapters/Word Count: 4,084 [1/1]
Rated: E
Pairing: William “Dex” Poindexter/Derek “Nursey” Nurse (NurseyDex)
Summary: Dex is a menace behind the camera. (A continuation of a pornstar au)

(Hold on) When you get love by AugustaByron (tumblr unknown)
Chapters/Word Count: 21779 [3/3]
Rated: E
Pairing: Larissa “Lardo” Duan/ B “Shitty” Knight/Kent “Parse” Parson
Summary: In which a simple (although epic) defeat at flip cup turns into a soul bond, turns into friendship, maybe turns into something else. Whatever, Lardo can roll with it.


The Gift by 74Days (tumblr unknown)
Chapters/Word Count: 7494 [4/?]
Rated: N/A
Pairing: Jack Zimmermann/ Eric “Bitty” Bittle (Zimbits)
The thing about the Gift, was that you never quite knew what you were going to get, and what it was going to cost.
Sometimes it cost a lot, and early - for such little payback that it hardly seemed worth it. It sometimes cost something you might never miss - and change your whole life. Sometimes it was a gift at birth, or a curse at death, but it always happened.

My note about this fic is even though it isn’t complete, I adore the setup for this fic. I’m patiently waiting for an update and I there’s a lot of potential here. I’m eager to see where the author goes!


I’ve recently realised I’m bisexual, the thing is I have a boyfriend. I still have the same feelings for my boyfriend and it’s not like I have feelings for someone else, I’ve just been thinking about it for a while now. But I’m scared to tell anyone in case I hurt him and I’m scared what others will think.