Chinese Internet Slang


  • 1314: “For ever”, usually preceded by a phrase such as “I love you” or whatever. 1314 (pinyin: yīsānyīsì) represents 一生一世 “one life, one world” (pinyin: yīshēng yīshì).
  • 233“laughter" 233 (pinyin:èr sān sān) represents 哈哈哈 (pinyin: hā hā hā).
  • 4242: “Yes” or “It is”, 4242 (pinyin: sìshí'èr sìshí'èr) represents 是啊是啊 (pinyin: shìa shìa).
  • 520: “I love you”. 520 (pinyin: wǔ'èrlíng) represents 我爱你 (pinyin: wǒ ài nǐ).
  • 555: “(crying)”. 555 (pinyin: wǔwǔwǔ) represents 呜呜呜 (pinyin: wūwūwū) the sound of tearful crying.
  • 666: “doing something really well” 666 (pinyin: liùliùliù) represents 溜溜溜 (pinyin:liùliùliù ).
  • 7451 or 7456: “I’m angry”. 7451 (pinyin: qīsìwǔyī) or 7456 (pinyin: qīsìwǔliù) represents 气死我了 (pinyin: qìsǐ wǒle)
  • 748: “Go and die!”, 748 (pinyin: qīsìbā):represents 去死吧 (pinyin: qùsǐba), the equivalent of “Get lost!”, or “Go to hell!”
  • 88: “Bye bye” (goodbye). 88 (pinyin: bābā) represents “bye bye" 
  • 995: "Help”, “Save me!” 995 (pinyin: jiǔjiǔwǔ) represents 救救我 (pinyin: jiùjiù wǒ).
Eos Timeline - Ages Edition (Contains SPOILERS)

I wanted a timeline with more information about Luna and other characters’ ages around the game’s events to give it more perspective, so I did it by fusing the info in this post HERE, plus the ones given in Brotherhood/Kingsglaive/FFXV/Ultimania guide (big thanks to superespresso + thetwilightmexican and zukarevue translations!) /Anything I come across to be honest [x].

I thought that maybe someone may find this useful too, but I did this mostly to back my fanfic ideas with some accurate lore.


M.E. 606 - King of Lucis erects a magic wall around the kingdom.

M.E. 706 - Regis is born.

M.E. 711 - Cor is Born.

M.E. 722 - Ardyn joins Niflheim. (Regis: 16 y/o, Cor: 11 y/o).

M.E. 723 - Magitek soldiers’ mass production begins, with Ardyn’s help.

M.E. 724 - Cor joins the crownsguard (13 y/o).
- Around this time Nyx is suspected to be born.

M.E. 725 - Niflheim introduces Magitek soldiers in battle.
- Prince Regis (19 y/o) takes part in the battle with Niflheim on the front lines. Cid, Clarus, and Weskim fight alongside him.
- Lucis forces retreat from battle against Niflheim.

M.E. 726 - King Mors reduces the wall to just around Insomnia.
- Around this time hunters discover the Tempering Grounds while on a separate expedition.
- Cor (15 y/o) fights Gilgamesh and loses. Regis is 20 y/o.

M.E. 728 - Galahd starts it’s 18 years of peace (Nyx suspected age is 4 y/o).
- Ravus is born.

M.E. 729 - King Mors dies, Regis (23 y/o) is coronated King.

M.E. 732 - Luna is born, Gentiana joins the Nox Fleuret.
- King Regis (26 y/o) marries Aulea.

M.E. 736 - Noctis is born, Luna is 4 y/o, Nyx is suspected 12 y/o. Regis is 30 y/o, Cor is 25 y/o.
- Prompto is born in the 1st Magitek Production Facility, Niflheim, to be used in the “Deathless Project”.

M.E. 737 - A lucian rescues Prompto (1 y/o) and is adopted by the “Argentum” family in Insomnia.

M.E. 740 - Ignis (6y/o) is assigned to Noctis (3 y/o).
[Note: Because of the 3 year gap between the two, this event must have happened between Feb 7th - Aug 30th of that year].

M.E. 741 - Noctis is chosen by the Crystal (5 y/o), Luna is 9 y/o, Regis is 35 y/o.
- Regis founds the Kingsglaive.
- Iris is born.

M.E. 744 - Noctis is attacked by a Daemon (8 years old), goes to Tenebrae for treatment.
- Luna meets Noctis, she is 12 Years old.
- Noctis meets Gentiana.
- Niflheim attacks and conquers Fenestala Manor, Queen Sylva of Tenebrae is killed. Ravus is 16 y/o.
- Noctis tells Ignis about the dessert he ate in Tenebrae.

M.E. 745 - Giant Shiva awakens. Noctis is 9 y/o, Luna is 13 y/o.
- Shiva tells Luna about the covenants.
- Gigant Shiva is defeated by Ardyn/Niflheim in Groves Valley.

M.E. 746 - Niflheim attacks Galahd.
- Ardyn contacts Drautos.
- Is believed that Nyx joined the Kingsglaive around this time. He is believed to be 22 y/o.
- Gladio starts working for Noctis. He befriends Noctis after Iris’ incident. Iris is 5 y/o, Gladio is 13 y/o.
- Noctis starts training with Gladiolus.
- Noctis is 10 y/o, Luna is 14 y/o, Regis is 40 y/o.

M.E. 748 - Prompto (12 y/o) saves Pryna in Insomnia, Luna contacts him and he begins his quest to befriend Noctis.
- Luna enters her first covenant with an Astral.
- Lunafreya becomes the youngest Oracle in history, at age 16. Noctis is 12 years old.

M.E. 749 - Ignis starts training to join the Crownsguard (15 y/o).

M.E. 751 - Noctis moves to a new apartment, outside the castle (15 y/o). Luna is 19 y/o.
- Prompto starts to hang out with Noctis.
- Gladio formally joins the Crownsguard (18 y/o).

M.E. 752 - Ignis formally joins the Crownsguard (18 y/o).
- Noctis gets the Engine Blade from King Regis as a present for his 16th birthday.

M.E. 754 - Gladio gets his scar while protecting Noctis from a drunken Lucis’ citizen. Noctis is 18, Gladio 21, Luna 22.

M.E. 756 - Noctis recieves the Audi R8 Star of Lucis as a gift for his 20th birthday.
- Noctis Leaves Insomnia to attend his wedding ceremony in Altissia (20 y/o).
- Insomnia falls. Nyx is believed 32 y/o, Luna is 24 y/o.

— Start of FFXV —

I may edit this in the future as more info is released/confirmed. Let me know if you see any inconsistency :)

Edit: Added year of Gladio’s scar. More info on Ardyn, Regis, Cor, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio, Iris, Nyx, Ravus, Luna and Gentiana.

Steve Rogers and his Soulmate AU

•You could see brief glimpses into what actions your soulmate was doing.

•What you usually saw was tall buildings in a area you never seen before.

•But for sure you knew your soulmate was around Washington DC.

•Brief glimpses of the Captain America section at the Smithsonian was the first glimpse you ever saw.

•These glimpse you assumed, happened when there was usually intense emotion relating to the action that you were seeing.

•Because many nights you awoke in cold sweat from glimpses of brawls and fights with the most notorious villains.

•Was your soulmate some hero or something?

•You quickly shook off the thought because what odds do you have with a hero?

•With your luck your soulmate was probably a villain.

•Now when Steve saw glimpses they weren’t at all as violent as his.

•He feels bad you have to see all of his most gruesome glimpses but if your his truly destined, you would understand in the end right?

•Happily Steve saw the majority of the glimpses of dogs.

•I guessed his Soulmate really loves dogs?

•But besides dogs he also saw bills, test scores, and job applications.

•Steve assumed you were a soon to be college graduate looking for jobs.

•One glimpse he saw a application to Stark’s business with an approval letter.

•You were going to work for Tony!?

•Tony didn’t know much about Steve’s Soulmate, but when he came into his office proclaiming that his Soulmate might have been newly accepted into his business he had to help.

•Walking to your university you grabbed your regular cup of coffee from the shop.

•On your way out you bumped into a tall figure, but without looking up you mumbled a quick apology before exiting.

•You weren’t rude or anything but you saw the prettiest looking Shepard dog across the street and you HAD to go and pet it.

•"So do you know anything distinctive about your soulmate?“ Tony asked pulling out his computer going through the new applicants files.

•His business employed over a 3,000 a year, this was no easy task.

•"I think they’re from the University around here” Steve mumbled, thinking about the glimpse of a dog that had a shirt with the university’s logo on it.

•Tony clicked on a few buttons, “Alright, were down to 748 people wheeeew…” Tony said sarcastically.

•"What else are they into?“

•Steve was about to reply but then he froze a glimpse coming into his mind of a Shepard dog wagging its tail enthusiastically.

•After a couple seconds Steve returned from his daze and look at Tony who was bewildered.

•"Did your soulmate show you an address or perhaps they were looking at the mirror?”

•Steve was about to fire back a snarky comment, but he looked out the window to see a Shepard dog being petted by someone.

•"Dog.“ Steve simply said before leaving the shop.

•"Your soulmate is… the dog?”

•You were rubbing the ears of the Shepard who quickly laid down for a belly rub.

•When you pet the dogs stomach you got a glimpse of… yourself petting the dog?

•You quickly turned around to see a built blonde man jog towards you.

•"Hey soulmate?“ You questioned shyly.

•"You really like dogs don’t you?” Steve asked with a cheeky smile.

478 The Messenger

The 478 is a highly intuitive and broadly thinking type. Combining three of the most aggressive types, but using a different method of control for each core, makes this type easily identified with self confidence. 4 ignores shame in favor of uniqueness, 7 avoids fear by employing optimism, and 8 engages anger to enforce boundaries. The 478s goal in life is to seek out the truth in life and to communicate it to as many people as they can in order to help. They must be careful in doing this, however, as sometimes they can become so caught up in communicating their insights that they come across as arrogant or stubborn.

(description by @naughty-nanny)

“ There is something really nostalgic about this show , maybe the fact that it reminds me so much of Shugo chara, or the opening theme song that is similar to the Monster buster Club, Or the fact that Thomas worked on so many of my fav Childhood shows like W.I.T.C.H and Totally spies, maybe even classical omages to the old school superheroes as well as Anime, whatever it is, i feel like im 12 again whenever i watch the show and it’s just makes me feel really happy and full of life.” 

Straight White Boy Problem #748

*texting the condescending nerdy kid in my group project…very condescending*

me: hey dude. my mom told me that we dont have school tomorrow. thats not good for you….

dude: why?  what ddo you mean

me: first of all, you dont have any swag. and now, you have no class

*no reply*

me: oh man this was such a sick text message burn wait until i show all of my bros at lunch


Today, the 748th interpretation of the Constitution in Taiwan has declared officially that there are some details of Civil Code violating the spirits of the Constitution and needed to be changed in two years. Now our marriage won’t be limited to only “male-female” union, but will also embrace “male-male” and “female-female” soon. Love wins!