every part of hobs face is so beautiful and kissable like im p sure hes di most soffstest kissablest man on earth right down from his big ol forhead to di mole above his eyebrow to his gorgeous fluttery eyes and pretty eyelashes like di best for butterfly kissies nd down to di graceful slope of his pretty nose nd big lovely nostrils like i would plant big fat kisses on his nostrils ! down to his endearing lil lip mole ! where im 7466% sure a angel came down and kissed him ! nd his soft plushy pouty lips like little peach slices sprinkled w sugar gosghdd i would kiss every inch of his face hes just so soft and glowy and u just want to put lil soft pecks nd kissie marks all over his cute delicate face :(

"El 6-1 del Barcelona al PSG fue un atraco"

El extécnico del Paris Saint-Germain, Luis Fernández, calificó de “atraco” el partido de vuelta de octavos de final de Champions League entre Barcelona y el conjunto francés que terminó con 6-1 para los azulgranas. "Como se dice en España, un atraco. Se ha visto que los errores del árbitro han sido fatales", aseguró el de Tarifa.

Preguntado sobre el futbolista del Mónaco Kylian Mbappe, el exentrenador de Athletic, Espanyol o Betis considera que el francés terminará en un equipo ‘grande’ de Europa: "Jugará en el Madrid, en el Barça, en el Manchester… podrá jugar en cualquier equipo". Mientras que sobre el futbolista del rojiblanco Antoine Griezmann piensa que "seguramente estará llamado a irse del Atlético de Madrid".

Por último, sobre la ausencia de Benzema en la selección francesa, Fernández cree que el delantero del Real Madrid regresará al conjunto de Didier Deschamps: “Seguro que volverá a la selección cuando hable menos”.


I just want to give up on life. Not in a suicidal way because I have finally come to a point that I can live with my fucked up life without attempting suicide. Yet, everything is falling apart in my life, and I just feel like I am such a fucking failure and I suck at life… I just wanna give up.

7466) I find it extremely difficult to leave my room and let people see me, even my family, because I'm scared they will think that I am fat. My attendance at school for this term is 48% so far.
7466) I feel like a pervert whenever I think about having vaginal sex (as in, with me having the vagina). I feel like I can't express that it's one of the things I'm looking forward to (along with taking care of my dysphoria, feeling more comfortable in my skin, etc.) without being labeled as some sick fuck who's doing this whole thing because it's my fetish.