What Star Trek is all about...

Star trek spans over 6 shows (one is animated) and 12 (soon to be 13) movies. The plots of the shows vary from exploration to wartime peace keeping.

The Original Series (TOS)

TOS is the first Star Trek show made. It takes place in the 23rd century. The major plot of TOS was “to go where no man has gone before” (exploring a small part of our galaxy) The cast was very diverse for the time period (60s) in which it was made (the crew had African-Americans, Russians, Japanese, a half Vulcan, and many other ethnicities). 

The ship of TOS was the Constitution Class Enterprise (NCC-1701)

The Animated Series (TAS)

The continuing mission of the USS Enterprise. Basically everything is the same as TOS but its animated. Most people skip this series and refuse to admit its real.

TAS had the same ship as TOS.

The Next Generation (TNG)

TNG takes place 70 years after Kirk’s final mission on the Enterprise in the year 2364 (24th century). By this time the space travel has been expanded and ships can travel faster and farther than in Kirk’s time. The crew of the Enterprise-D (there have been 3 ships called Enterprise between TOS and TNG) is also very diverse. The ship’s counselor is a empath, there is an android that seeks to become more human, the tactical officer is a Klingon and so on. The series begins with the crew of the Enterprise put on trial by a omnipotent being known as Q. Q thinks that humans are evil creatures so he puts them to the test to see if they can change their ways.

The ship of TNG is the Galaxy Class Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

Deep Space Nine (DS9)

DS9 takes place during the end of TNG, It takes place on a space station called DS9. The captain was sent to command the station that is protecting a planet that recently got its independence from a race called the Cardassians. When the captain arrives he discovers a wormhole that leads to the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. This wormhole brings visitors who start a war later in the show.

DS9 starts out without a ship in the first bit but later the space station gets the USS Defiant (NX-74205),

Voyager (VOY)

When the crew of Voyager is sent on a mission to capture a rebel group they and the rebel group are taken to the other side of the galaxy by a freak accident. In order to survivor without any supplies, reinforcements or communication the two crews must work as one. This takes place during the same time as DS9. 

The ship of VOY is the Intrepid Class Voyager (NCC-74656).

Enterprise (ENT)

The story of the formation of the United Federation of Planets. This takes place before TOS. Most races of Star Trek are given intros in this series. This is the last Star Trek show made (2001).

The ship of ENT is the NX Class Enterprise (NX-01). NX in Star Trek means experimental.

If you want to watch star trek in order based on chronological order you should watch it in this order:

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek TOS

Star Trek Movies 1-6

Star Trek The Next Generation 

Star Trek Movie 7

Star Trek DS9

Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Movies 8-10

Then when you finish it go back and watch the two new remakes and you will understand them better


The Full Circle Fleet, 2382

Fleet Commander: Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway

USS Vesta, Vesta class, NCC-82601

Commanding Officer: Captain Regina Farkas

First Officer: Commander Malcolm Roach

USS Voyager, Intrepid class, NCC-74656

Commanding Officer: Captain Chakotay

First Officer: Lieutenant Harry Kim (Acting)

USS Demeter, Theophrastus class, NCC-79914

Commanding Officer: Commander Liam O’Donnell

First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Atlee Fife

USS Galen, Galen class, NX-86350

Commanding Officer: Commander Clarissa Glenn

Engineer/Holographic Expert: Commander Reginald Barclay

Holographic Crew


Special effects artists talk of beauty passes, model makers talk of happy snaps. After countless hours of work, it is usually the last thing that is done before the finished model is created and delivered to the client. Here are some happy snaps of the Starship Voyager and her model maker Tony Meininger.

Taken from “A Vision of The Future: Star Trek Voyager” Stephen Edward Poe 1998 (X)